Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ras Dashen for Ethiopian, where the food comes fresh! Not from a freakin in house Buffet in the kitchen!

Ras Dashen is easily one of the nations greatest Ethiopian spots you can dine in. They are Monte, and Michelin Recommended. Ras Dashen is located in the Edgewater neighborhood at 5846 N. Broadway. And no matter where you live, it's worth the drive/visit. First let me say that everything comes fresh!! It's not out in 3 minutes like most every other freakin Ethiopian restaurant in the city. And if you go for Ethiopian, you know what I am saying. The food is prepared fresh per order. So you will wait, but it is worth it!

From the oven to the table, fresh! Look at how damn delicious it all looks!!!! And the waitresses are hot!! They make their own Injera bread, fresh, every day!! FRESH!! Not ordered in from somewhere else, product control! Helps keep the consistency.

Ethiopian food is eaten with Injera bread, and placed atop of the Injera bread as well. Injera bread by definition; (taken from wikipedia, thanks!)
Injera (Amharic, Tigrinya: እንጀራ, pronounced [ɨndʒəra], sometimes transliterated enjera; Oromo: budenaa; Somali: canjeero) is a yeast-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. Traditionally made out of teff flour,[1] it is a national dish in Ethiopia and Eritrea. A similar variant is eaten in Somalia (where it is called canjeero or lahooh) and Yemen (where it is known as lahoh).

You eat with yer hands! Fun!

The purple stuff is cabbage, the yellow stuff is split pea, the red to the right of the yellow stuff are red lentils. The white stuff is a very soft and fluffy goat cheese. The red stuff in the center is a stewed lamb steak in strips, and little chunks. And the brown stuff is a mushroom thingy, I don't like shrooms so I skipped em. Everything is exceptionally flavorful, slightly spicy, and will give ya the sh*ts. But is so freakin Monte-licious it is worth it! Here is a link to their web page for all and any other information you may need, or want

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Street side Tacos!!! Eat on, or in yer car. Only!!!

Isabelles Streetside Tacos, located roughly at 3600 S. Kedzie. I say roughly cause she is on the street, in a parking lot, selling tacos. Some of the best I have had in a long time too! And they're only $1.50 a piece!
She even makes the corn taco shells by hand!! While you wait! You barely see that in brick and mortar taco spots!! These are awesome taco shells! Nothing beats hand made food items. No machine will do it better than this lady right here.

Look at Isabelle preppin the shells, not only with her hands, but with love. That is why she wears all red, love.

Flattening the shell for yer pleasure

Removing the shell

Then cooking the shell! These are some of the tastiest corn shells you can ever put into yer mouth. Monte-licious with every bite!

Steamy steak goodness. Oh, she uses styrofoam plates, ask her to put napkins on the plate first, you don't want hot, melty styrofoam on yer taco.

Steamy chicken goodness. Look at that...... ahhhhhh. It's like meditating.

Servin it up like a proper waitress would, and you don't even have to tip! But I do!
Isabelle also has homemade spicy salsa. The salsa is robust, has a kick, and full of flavor! You will want to try it!
Spicin up the steak taco! I should mention she has onions, cilantro, sour cream, tomatoes, and another salsa for you to use/choose from. I skipped all the other stuff, and just did cheese and salsa. I hate cilantro, and raw white or yellow onions. Only cooked, or raw red onions will do for the Mont Man!

Since it is street side, the only place to eat is going to be on, or in yer car. I chose on my trunk!
Look at the view from the trunk of my car. That is the Sears Tower in the background, behind the chain-wire fence, to the left of the smoke stacks. You will pay big bucks for a view of the skyline anywhere else. At Isabelles, I paid $3.00!!!! Or you may get a similar view of the city from a prison, where every view is from behind chain-wire fences.

Chicken taco goodness about to be gone-ness!

Look at that cheesy goodness! You gotta go and try em for yerself. And tell her Monte sent ya. She will be befuddled either by who I am, or her lack of understanding english. Either way, tell her I sent ya!