Monday, October 14, 2013

Little (freakin) Goat Diner! So good you would kiss me!

 Little Goat Diner is in Chicago's West Loop and was opened by celebrity chef Stephanie Izzard at 820 W. Randolph St. This place is really freakin delicious! Usually I shy away from places like this, but too many people spoke highly of it, so I went. And man was I glad I did!! Pictured is a fried chicken sandwich on a potato bun, topped with ham, and I forget what that white sauce was but it was Monte-licious! And I got the side of shredded hash browns with cheese. This sandwich is so good that I believe I could get any woman into bed with one! Even Jennifer Anniston. The chicken was in a light, crunchy batter and the meat was all white and juicy! Fried to perfection and not dry at all! The ham was fried with a slight crunch on the edges, perfect! And that sauce was so perfect atop of it all. The sauce soaked into the potato bun and made it all mushy like baby food, which I love,  and mixed in with the crisp of the chicken all in one bite..... OMG!!!

This ridiculously beautiful thing above is the fresh made cinnamon roll! Uh, drool! I feel you can see everything that I could possibly say about this, it is ridiculous! Eat it!!
Just so you can see how big this sandwich is I held up my XXL hand up next to it. My ring size is 13, the sandwiches ring size is 34!!

Getting ready to take it in, like a champ!

Look at that....

So freakin drippy, gooey and amazing!

I am contemplating all the deliciousness in my mouth...

Running the sandwich through it's own juices

Now I will mix the hash browns in with some of the drippings.

Look at how open and airy it is inside, very comfy and lots of natural light, which I love!
A quick shot of the window into the kitchen. Go there and enjoy yourself, and the prices aren't as bad/high as I thought they'd be, it was relatively affordable.