Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finally, my episode of Log On And Eat in it's entirety!!

My episode of Log On And Eat with Eden Grinshpan is up in it's entirety! And it's free! Just follow the link I am join to attach then click on the "Foddimentary" episode and I am the final guest!

Here is the link.... LOG ON AND EAT WITH EDEN & MONTE

Watch it, enjoy it, and please share it!!

A ridiculous breakfast yer gonna love!!

My buddies sister was raving about this place in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin called Manny's Snack Shack over Christmas dinner (2013) to the point where my mouth was salivating! I planned to go there asap! I called the following day only to find out Manny's was closed for another month, winter holiday!! WTF!! I was stuck with anxiety!

But I marked my calendar, and the day they opened, a month later, I was sitting at the counter placing my order!

Let me introduce to what has to be one of the better breakfast spots I have discovered in a few, thanks to Annette, Manny's Snack Shack, 404 S Lake Ave, Twin Lakes, WI.

This is Manny's (exterior)

This is Manny, working the grill! Like a champ!

Like I said I arrived their first day back from a month + long vacation, and this place was hopping and Manny was slinging it!! He seriously runs that grill like a master! He has a controlled chaos that is fun to watch and be around. I ordered the Chicken George (chicken fried steak and eggs). For some reason fried steak, eggs, hash browns and sausage gravy spoke to me that morning. And I am glad it did, check it out!!

Look at this monster breakfast!! 
Here is a nice personal shot of the chicken fried steak with white sausage gravy atop. It is as beautiful as my wife on our wedding day.

This is a meal for a family of four, or me.

A bite that shows respect to the meal....

getting it in there is tough but not impossible....

And done! I got it all in!

Boom! Clean plate, jerk! Me. I win! What, I don't know.

This place is full of life, character and great food! They have a lot more to choose from... burgers, french toast, garbage omelettes, you name it, they have it or can make it. Check out Manny's, it is worth the trip!! But maybe wait till summer, it is on a beautiful lake and that is fun to look at... water.

Here are a few random shots of the place....

And remember, no checks accepted!