Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My new favorite salad, and it's topped with grilled beef!

This is the Papaya Salad with Grilled Beef from Hoanh Long at 6144 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago. This a Vietnamese, Seafood, and Pho spot. Seafood is their specialty, and they also have Chinese, and some Thai food on the menu. I have eatin a lot of stuff from here, and this is easily my favorite meal from Hoanh Long so far, the Papya Salad with grilled beef. This has a nice mix of a cool sweet and savory papaya salad, topped off with a blast of grilled meat! Monte-licious!

Let's take a look inside; shostring papaya, onion, carrot, mint, in a sweet and spicy sauce. It is then topped off with thin, tender, grilled pieces of beef, topped with peanuts and fried garlic. It comes with a few fish flavored rice cakes, but I don't touch those. This is an appetizer, and I order it as my meal, it is that freakin good! Also, there is a similar meal on the menu, it is the Sweet n Sour Papaya Salad, do not get that, the beef is not grilled in that dish.

Yer hero about to enjoy his dominant ordering decision while his friend still awaits his meal. Yes, I eat as soon as my meal comes. No manners!

Savagery at it's best!

So not handsome, nor sexy while I eat. Yet I have a wife. Who knew??

This is a hot pot. Another smart order. They have beef, pork, and fish hot pots. combo pots are also available. A pot has a burner brought to yer table, and then it comes with a pot of soup. The soup is huge and filled with tons of "Asian style" veggies, and yer meat choice. When you get beef, you get everything. Brain, tripe, etc. They serve it all! And it's the good stuff, the soup gelatinizes. If the used a beef stock, it would remain a liquid when cool. The fact that it turns to a gelatin is really good, yer getting the collagen and that is really good for you!

Check out Hoanh Long when you get a chance, you will love it. And the service is good, which I love! They always have somewhat inappropriate movies playing on the T.V. which I enjoy. This hot pot is filled with seafood, which is actually what they are none for, seafood is their specialty!