Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Red. Hot. Ranch! One of the finest around, if ya like the ol' "rubber dog!"

This is partially for my landlord, Peter. He loves hot dogs as much as I do. Here we go...This, the pic above, is the hot dog from Red Hot Ranch in Logan Square at 2072 W. Western Ave. I love this place and let me tell you why.... when I was a kid my favorite hot dog spots were Jimmy's Red Hot's on Grand Ave. & Pulaski and the now world famous "Gene & Judes" at Grand Ave. & Des Plaines River Road. I loved these places for the fresh cut fries and the fact that both had the exact same hot dog, the Vienna Beef 10/1 dogs with the skin/casing on em. A.K.A. The Rubber Dog! The skin/casing is what it gives it that snap, which I love!! The skin/casing is made from intestines. And "10/1" means there are 10 hot dogs per pound. It's a pretty skinny dog, yet packed full of flavor. They also both steam their buns, do not offer ketchup and they pile the fries right on top of the dog. Red Hot Ranch has same the dog, same buns, almost the same fries, yet better fries. And they have fried shrimp too. Without the tails! They also have their own parking lot, but they all do. But the reason I now go to Red Hot Ranch almost exclusively is the hood is much safer than at Jimmy's, and it's not as far as Gene & Judes and there is Never a line longer than a few people, if that even. 

That all being said, with a delicious/exact same dog, and amazing fries, Red Hot Ranch has become my new spot for a "Rubber Dog." That right there is a Chicago Original, I was born and raised here..... I mean the hot dog... the hot dog! All beef Vienna dog, made right in Chicago at Damen & Fullerton. The Rubber Dog, my all time favorite hot dog. I love biting into it, I keep the fries on too, it makes the perfect combo. You get the soft squishy from the steamed bun, the snap from the skin/casing on the dog and nice little crunch from the french fries.... so freakin Monte-licious!!!!

I am so happy to be with this hot dog.

As you can see, I waste no time. 

When I was a kid my dads friends used to tease me and gave me the nick name "2 dogs." It was because I would call my dad when he stopped by his friends houses and ask him to bring me 2 hot dogs on his way home. He hated doin it, mostly because he knew I was gonna do it each and every time, but I was also an ungrateful little bastard. Sometimes I would even ask my cousin Tricky or my dads friend Pete to get me 2 dogs when they would call and say they were coming over. I was such a spoiled little cutie.... brat!!!

And look at me now.... enjoying a hot dog like I did as a child!

Did I mention how crunchy and delicious their fries are? They are really freakin good! They even have that thick cheddar cheese for cheese fries. 

You can use the ATM if you need to after you eat yer hot dog, it's just 6 inches away from the bench where you may be eating. 

There it is, it used to be a taco place called Las Asadas, but they moved... across the street! WTF! Who does that? Now the taco place has a smaller parking lot and they are less busy. 

Do not park in the Red Hot Ranch lot if you are not there for them, you will get towed. But you really should be there for them. Oh,  the guy that owns this place also owns the world famous "Wiener Circle" and the hot dog stand at the Bunny Hutch mini putt putt on Lincoln Ave.  Go eat a hot dog!