Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why I love/push BROCCOLI so much.

Why I love/push Broccoli so much.

I call it, Broccoli, the “Super Food” at the end of each and every one of my shows. And for a very good reason, it is!! Broccoli is single handedly one of the best things you can put into your body. Next to a candy bar or a hot dog from “jimmy’s.”
Broccoli is literally loaded with over 20 different varieties of nutrients combining all together to make it the “Super Food!”
Broccoli is best for you when eaten raw, that way you get everything out of it that it has to offer. But most people say they hate raw broccoli, and for those, I have two fixes:
1. Since it is best for you raw, my first tip keeps it raw. I suggest cut up into very small, really incredibly small pieces, and toss it in yer favorite salad. When it’s cut up super tiny like that, and mixed in with a salad and the dressing, you will barely taste it, and you will get all of it’s goodness in yer belly. And the more you can eat, the better.
2. Steam it. If you must cook it, steaming it is the best. I recommend no longer than 2 to 2 ½ minutes. No longer. Seriously. And I recommend a pinch of salt in the water, just a pinch. I hear it helps to keep the nutrients in the broccoli as best as possible while being steamed. You don’t wanna see super green water. The greener the water, the more you lost.
Another important thing to know is to eat the stalk. The stalk is very stringy, and fully of fiber. You will have the best movements after eating a good amount of stalk.
I have to mention another, and probably one of the best and most important things about broccoli: Gas. It will probably give you a good case of bad gas, which is great! It is especially great for parties, or any other social event. My wife knows, when we gotta go public, I eat lots of broccoli. Nothing says “hello” like some good quality stinkers at a party. And I am the king of droppin’ out some stealthy bombs at social events.
So remember, eat yer broccoli! It’s the “Super food” and it’s loaded with all sorts of stuff like B vitamins, potassium, and fiber just to name a few. I once read that Michael Phelps eats broccoli by the truckload, and look at him. 8 gold medals! Broccoli!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meatless for a year?!!! Wha, wha, what?!!

Meatless for a year?!!!

Who me? H E double hockey stick No!!! but my friend, and fellow comic book reader Jason "Cz" is doin’ it.
I met Jason years ago through doin my foodie show at “The Lincoln Lodge.” We worked on a project together, found out we both loved comics and eating, and well… The rest is history.
Now I see he has gone meatless for a year! What?!! The man who once ordered 3 steak tacos, and a steak burrito, all on my dime, has gone meatless! ...I commend him on it. I don’t believe it is the toughest thing in the world to do, especially since my dad once told me: "Boy, I went vegetarian once for over seven years, easy. I only ate one piece a meat a day. The rest of the day was all vegetables!" "Thanks dad!" It is definitely not easy, and not for a guy, like Jason, who loves to eat meat!
He has just begun this endeavor not less than 60 days ago, and keeps a blog about it. You can link to his blog here:

I think this is great! He is basically tracking his day to day experiences of eating, getting in shape, and creating a healthier version of himself. I believe it is an inspirational journey, and you should try to follow him along for the ride. See how many days you can go with out eating meat! Me? So far I once did almost a week, and I only ate one piece of meat each day!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mac Arthur’s fine southern cuisine for meatloaf!!!

spot: Mac Arthur’s
food type: Fine Southern Cuisine/Soul Food
address/info.: 5412 W. Madison Street 1-773-261-2316
neighborhood: Austin, Baby! West Siiiiiide!!!!!

Mac Arthur’s fine southern cuisine for meatloaf!!!

Everyone always wants to know; where can I find a good meatloaf? And the answer is: Mac Arthurs!!!
No joke, Mac Arthur’s, hands down, has some of the best meatloaf you can find. Ya see, my mom loves meatloaf, but me, I used to hate it when I was a kid. I hated meatloaf!!! Can you believe that?! Probably because I never had good meatloaf. Anyway, I was looking for a great meatloaf for my mother, and for years, I am ashamed to say, I was getting meatloaf from “Boston Market” for my mom. It’s actually not that bad, I shouldn’t be ashamed.
During my search, I never even considered Mac Arthur’s, and I had been goin’ there for years. I was caught up in the smothered chicken, and smothered pork chops for a loooong time. And believe me, the chops are simply “Monte-licious!” But the other reason was that they serve different meals on different days, so I must’ve just been missin’ the meatloaf days. Let me explain, it’s a soup kitchen style spot, so all the food is prepared for you before you get there, sitting in steam trays and ready to go for you immediately. All you do is point and pay.
So for years I was just missin’ meatloaf day. And how could I? Meatloaf day is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. How in the world did I miss that?! Well, I did. Until one day I showed up on a Monday. And that was it. There has been no turning back since.
The meatloaf at Mac Arthur’s is Superb!! It is super delicious, I mean it is really full of flavor , and you get a huge portion! Plus, you get yer choice of two sides, and with soul food, the options are endless and “Monte-riffic!” They have everything from mac n’ cheese to lima beans, to collard greens, and mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, etc. the list goes on, and on. And every one of them is as tasty as the next, but I must recommend the mac n’ cheese and the lima beans. Or the mashed potatoes, yams, black beans, etc. and I better not forget, two of the best desserts ever; Banana Pudding (with vanilla wafers), and the Peach Cobbler!!!! I could kiss you!
Now as far as the neighborhood, not necessarily the safest, it’s out on the west side, but it’s safe at Mac Arthur’s, and it genuinely has a family feel.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Kuma’s Corner for the metal head in all of us.

spot: Kuma’s Corner
address/info.: 2900 W. Belmont / 1-773-604-8769
food type: Burgers/Sandwiches (heavy Metal Music! \m/)
neighborhood: Avondale

Kuma’s Corner for the metal head in all of us.

This place has had a buzz around it for a few good years now, and there is always a line to get into the place. And with good reason, the food is “Monte-licious!”
This is seriously one of the better burger places in the city. It’s a bit gimmicky, but it’s an honest gimmick.
The gimmick is all heavy metal, all the time. They play heavy metal music non-stop (and loudly), the waitresses are hot tattooed woman, and the cooks are cool. They come off a bit curmudgeonly, but the place isn’t too jerky at all.
Everything on the menu is titled after a heavy metal band (I have a pic. of the menu attached), which I love, since I am, and have been a metal head all of my life. And the side dishes are delicious, I recommend the “Make yer own mac n’ cheese.”
Now for the burger!
I get the “Kuma Burger,” which is a 10 oz. burger topped with, bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese. The burger is so good it needs not a single condiment, and the egg on top….. like my buddy Miro says “you like steak n’ eggs right? Why not eggs on a burger?” and he’s right, it is soooooo stinkin’ good!
As far as waiting in the line, to me no place is really worth waiting in a long time to get into. I mean c’mon, we live in Chicago, there’s another good meal 10 feet away from where ever yer standing. But, if you get there 15 minutes before they open, you’ll get seated immediately when they open. And it’ll be totally worth it. Now if it’s cold, or raining, forget it, come back another day. And the waitresses really are sexy, and I mean that in the best way possible.
So even if yer not a metal head, you’ll love the food, and you’ll be happy you ate there. Oh shoot…. I almost forgot.. you don’t only have to get a burger at Kuma’s, they have chicken, garden burgers, or chicken tenders. Something for everyone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let's go to "Chinese Friend" for Mexican!

spot: Amigo Chino (Chinese Friend!)
food type: Mexican Homey!
address/info.: 5601 W. Irving Pk. 1-773-685-4374
neighborhood: Portage Pk.

Chinese Friend for Mexican!!!

Ok, if you haven’t noticed it by now, Mexican food is probably my favorite, most regularly eaten food type. It’s usually inexpensive and it’s usually really good, if not great at most spots in the city. And Amigo Chino is one of the best!
I got turned on to this spot by a buddy of mine who said to me: “ Monte, you gotta try the chilaquiles at this place on Irving by Portage Park, it’s the bomb yo!!” With a recommendation like that, how could I not go?
Well I did, and boy was he right! The chilaquiles there are the bomb yo!!! Monte-licious! 100% And they may be largest order of chilaquiles I have ever seen/eaten in my life!!! No joke, one order can feed at least, and I mean at least, 2 adults and 2-3 children. For real!! And one order is under $7.00 total!
Now if yer not familiar with “Chilaquiles”, which are pretty simple, yer about to be. They are just corn chips, and not Fritos, but the kind you get at a Mexican restaurant, smothered and stewed in a red or green sauce. Then they are topped with loads of cheese, typically queso freso, and they are also served with eggs and some rice n’ beans and sour cream. Doesn’t that sound delicious?!!!!! And at Amigo Chino, they are super “Monte-riffic!”
The order is so huge, that is served on a huge cast iron tray/skillet on top of a plank of wood! It even looks impressive. And every other meal I have had there is ridiculously huge and inexpensive. And the waitresses aren’t bad lookin’ at all. My one friend is actually in “love” with one of the waitresses that works there. Check it yo!
Oh.. they also have stuffed animal heads all over the place, goats, alligators, etc.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Polish Buffet, All Freakin’ Day!!!!!!! Plus beauty queen waitresses!

Polish Buffet, All Freakin’ Day!!!!!!!

spot: Red Apple or “Czerwone Jabluszko”
address/info.: 3123 N. Milwaukee Ave. 1-773-588-5781
food type: POLISH!!!!!!!
neighborhood: Avondale yo!

Well, well, well, what can I say about the polish buffet? You can eat everything, and anything, all day and all night as much as you want! I know this is typical of every buffet, but there is something different about the polish buffet, there is something sexier about them. And I can’t explain that, but I feel you will notice it when you get there.
Now if yer not familiar with polish food, this is obviously the best way to try it! By sampling it piece by piece. I treat the buffet like a tapas bar, and just take little bits at a time. This way I get to try bits of everything, and I get to eat several plates of food!
What they have available: stuffed cabbage (one of my faves. Monte-Licious!), kielbasa, schnitzel, potato pancakes, pierogis, bigos, roasted chicken, ribs, fried rice (can you believe that?), baked salmon, steamed veggies, salad fixins, and desserts!
There are way to many things to explain it all away, but like I mentioned earlier, just get in there and try bit’s and pieces of everything! No worries, if you don’t like it, spit it out and try the next item; you’ll find something you love. And most everything is refreshed every 10-15 minutes so it’s always fresh!
With buffets I always recommend getting there for lunch, right when they open, this way you get it the freshest, and first, before any one else. And I can’t forget, the polish buffets have some of thee most beautiful waitresses I have ever seen. I have offered citizenship to many a waitress in the past.
Plus they have a free parking lot behind the spot, and they have another location several miles north on Milwaukee ave. that is just as good! Did I mention the beautiful waitresses? They are super!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Take it in the chin at "Pita Inn!"

spot: Pita Inn
address/info.: 3910 Dempster St. (1-847) 677-0211
food type: Mediterranean Cuisine
neighborhood: Skokie, Illinois safe suburb just north of Chicago

Pitas Inns!!!!

I love me some Pita Inn yo! This place is as tasty as it gets! They have delicious chicken shwarma (like a gyro, but with chicken meat), kefta kabob (ground beef kabob), falafel etc. you get the picture.
They have a "Business Special" lunch for just $4.95 that comes with enough food for two people. Not people my size, but Two normal size people with a healthy B.M.I. unlike me. 42% B.M.I. I should be gone by next week.
I recommend the "Chicken Shawarma" entree, it's "Monte-Riffic!" It comes with a healthy amount of absolutely delicious chicken shwarma, which is puled chicken, seasoned and slow cooked on a spit. So darn good! With some yellow rice, and a side salad. I also suggest you get some tahini sauce to spill all over yer food.
Tahini sauce is basically just sesame seeds ground into a smooth sauce. So not only is it tasty, but it's not bad for you.
There is not one cute waitress at "Pita Inn", it's all dudes workin there. Bummer! But the food is good, and the dessert, Kinaffa, which is a custard sweetened cheese, topped with shredded wheat and honey. And it is "Monte-Licious!"
Hope to see you there one day!