Monday, December 14, 2009

Kuma’s Corner for the metal head in all of us.

spot: Kuma’s Corner
address/info.: 2900 W. Belmont / 1-773-604-8769
food type: Burgers/Sandwiches (heavy Metal Music! \m/)
neighborhood: Avondale

Kuma’s Corner for the metal head in all of us.

This place has had a buzz around it for a few good years now, and there is always a line to get into the place. And with good reason, the food is “Monte-licious!”
This is seriously one of the better burger places in the city. It’s a bit gimmicky, but it’s an honest gimmick.
The gimmick is all heavy metal, all the time. They play heavy metal music non-stop (and loudly), the waitresses are hot tattooed woman, and the cooks are cool. They come off a bit curmudgeonly, but the place isn’t too jerky at all.
Everything on the menu is titled after a heavy metal band (I have a pic. of the menu attached), which I love, since I am, and have been a metal head all of my life. And the side dishes are delicious, I recommend the “Make yer own mac n’ cheese.”
Now for the burger!
I get the “Kuma Burger,” which is a 10 oz. burger topped with, bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese. The burger is so good it needs not a single condiment, and the egg on top….. like my buddy Miro says “you like steak n’ eggs right? Why not eggs on a burger?” and he’s right, it is soooooo stinkin’ good!
As far as waiting in the line, to me no place is really worth waiting in a long time to get into. I mean c’mon, we live in Chicago, there’s another good meal 10 feet away from where ever yer standing. But, if you get there 15 minutes before they open, you’ll get seated immediately when they open. And it’ll be totally worth it. Now if it’s cold, or raining, forget it, come back another day. And the waitresses really are sexy, and I mean that in the best way possible.
So even if yer not a metal head, you’ll love the food, and you’ll be happy you ate there. Oh shoot…. I almost forgot.. you don’t only have to get a burger at Kuma’s, they have chicken, garden burgers, or chicken tenders. Something for everyone.

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Ryan said...

Nice off the Eatin' Path Monte. You can't see it on that menu you posted but they've got another sandwhich called the Pig Destroyer (after the band of course) that's the best pulled pork sandwhich I've ever had! Enjoyed your review man!