Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meatless for a year?!!! Wha, wha, what?!!

Meatless for a year?!!!

Who me? H E double hockey stick No!!! but my friend, and fellow comic book reader Jason "Cz" is doin’ it.
I met Jason years ago through doin my foodie show at “The Lincoln Lodge.” We worked on a project together, found out we both loved comics and eating, and well… The rest is history.
Now I see he has gone meatless for a year! What?!! The man who once ordered 3 steak tacos, and a steak burrito, all on my dime, has gone meatless! ...I commend him on it. I don’t believe it is the toughest thing in the world to do, especially since my dad once told me: "Boy, I went vegetarian once for over seven years, easy. I only ate one piece a meat a day. The rest of the day was all vegetables!" "Thanks dad!" It is definitely not easy, and not for a guy, like Jason, who loves to eat meat!
He has just begun this endeavor not less than 60 days ago, and keeps a blog about it. You can link to his blog here:


I think this is great! He is basically tracking his day to day experiences of eating, getting in shape, and creating a healthier version of himself. I believe it is an inspirational journey, and you should try to follow him along for the ride. See how many days you can go with out eating meat! Me? So far I once did almost a week, and I only ate one piece of meat each day!


Meatless Man said...

Thank you for the plug on your blog.

It seems I owe you for all those meat tacos too!

Maybe you could try going meatless for a month. Call it "Monte's Meatless Month". I think you can do it.

I also have a Facebook fanpage for A Man Finally Eats his Veggies: A Meatless Year that I just put up yesterday. For anyone who's interested the URL is:


Thanks once again Monte!

k of c said...

And thanks to Jason for pointing me to this blog, I can't believe I hadn't found it before.

We've been to many of the same restaurants...and I should finally start blogging about having visited virtually every pancake house/family restaurant/24-hour grill in Chicago. My love of chicken salad, tuna salad, mayonnaise-based salads in general has kept me from going back to the near-vegan diet I had for a long time!

Thee Erin said...

Monte's Meatless Month - that's a great idea.