Thursday, December 29, 2011

Been to Cuba lately? Cuba City, Wisconsin for Prime Rib?! Check it!!!

I love Supper Clubs. I think one of my favorite places to sit down for a meal is at a supper club. It always feels classy and grown up. Wisconsin is full of em, and I found a great one in Cuba City, Wisconsin. For Illinoisans, this is 20/30 mins. from Galena, in the upper western tip of Illinois. We go to visit a good friend Jimmy Berg out there as often as possible. He plays almost every night in one great band or another. He also turns us on to good food while we visit. This place was one of his most recent selections. My wife found it on the internet as well, but his blessings locked it in as a pick. And are we glad we went. Not only was the food great, but the people were amazing. We met the owner (super nice), a lovely couple (Tony & Donna), and happened to be there the night of a H.S. reunion. So it was a great night at Red's top to bottom. Plus the waitresses were mostly make loveable. Let's check out the FOOD!!!

Any supper club worth it's weight will have enough food on the table for free that you technically shouldn't even have to order dinner. But you will!!!!!!! Here we have a bread basket that also has two cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls for dinner. YES! You also get crackers, and veggie plate.

Dipping sauces also come complimentary. Here we have a cheese dip, ham salad, and a dill dip. All were delicious!

Buns!! Rolls!! Boobs!!! What?!!!!

Standard supper club veggie plate. Always comes with pickles.

Crackers, get off my front lawn!

Creamy cole slaw that was creamy. And extremely tasty.


The (Optimus) Prime Rib, with Lobster Tail!! It was ridiculous. The prime rib was tender, juicy, and meaty. The lobster tail was fresh, and flavorful. Both were cooked to perfection.

I got the Rib Dinner, and for my potatoes I got the camping style potatoes. They came wrapped in foil seasoned lightly in salt, pepper, and olive oil. This was the real deal. The potatoes tasted exactly the same as when I camp, you can't go wrong.

The Ribs!! Pork ribs. Very meaty, tender, and they fall off the bone. With a pinch of help. The sauce was mild, and slightly sweet.

The place was so good, we went back the next day for breakfast. We both got the pork chops and eggs. The chops were thick, and savory. The poached eggs were soft, all the way cooked through and full of life. They had shredded hash browns, and american cut hash browns. Above are the american.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chocolate Souffle! First time you make it, it'll be perfect. I hope.

 I recently learned how to make a chocolate souffle from my friend Michael Sanchez. Quick side note, I bought the chocolate bars with 5 bucks I won from a foolish bet Mike made with me, that I knew I was gonna win. It actually made it taste better. My wife and I could both taste the winning in the ingredients. Anyway... This looked so easy, and delicious, i had to make it myself. My first try, complete success, and easy. I also learned how to improve on a few things. And now I will tell, and show you through pics. how to make a creamy, warm, chocolatey, molten chocolate souffle. Mike said it, but I was thinking it immediately, male or female, no one can succumb to the charms of this meal. If you wanna guarantee some action after a date, make this for yer favorite guy, or girl, and unless they have no pulse, you will be gettin laid. And if not, and yer a hot chick, try me. Eye winking, with smiley face. Here it be, good luck...
you will need one 3.5 ounce bitter sweet chocolate bar
butter to coat baking dish

sugar, it's most of what you need. the recipe calls for 3/4 cup. here is my improvement; less than halfa cuppa sugar.

ghetto double cooker to melt chocolate, and sugar together

here is where you use the butter, to coat whatever you bake yer souffle in. coat it in butter

then coat it in sugar that you use from what yer using to prepare souffle. you don't need extra sugar

break up the chocolate bar

put chocolate in ghetto double cooker, this prevents burning of chocolate, and allows a slower cook

mix half of the sugar you have into the chocolate

stir in the sugar till smooth

it should look like this, when it does, move on to the eggs

you will need 3 eggs. and to separate the yolks from the whites

look at how easy it is to separate the white of the egg from the yellow. even an ape can do it

separated, like my friends parents

mix remaining sugar into the yellow (yolks) and stir

stir till it looks completely mixed, and smooth

now mix the egg whites till they peak, like a giant meringue

now mix the chocolate, slowly into the egg yellow (yolks)

mix in till it gets smooth and creamy

when the chocolate is mixed in fully with the yolks, add the eggs whites. fold in the egg whites. do not mix. folding means you just mix lightly from under to the top. you are folding it lightly together to keep the fluff of the egg whites.

i didn't mix it to smoothly, but the clumpy parts of white are like a neat little smores treat within the souffle, improvement number two. pour the mix into the butter, and sugar coated baking bowl. bake at 350 for 20 to 25 min.

it should look like this before you pop it into the oven

this is how put things in ovens. pre heat the oven for ten minutes. i forgot to mention that.

fresh out

proud papa

look at my chocolate baby

cut in

fork it out

make sure get the molten chocolatey parts, those are best next to the fluffy egg white clumps

look at the inside of that. molten, chocolatey, smooth sweetness for you. enjoy. and if you don't, i don't wanna hear about it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Great, currently untapped, weekend brunch! Mixteco!

chicken, tortilla soup

yer hero

huevos el bajio

first opening into the poached eggs

full look on the inside. poached egg, chorizo, and corn masa boat, smothered in a creamy poblano sauce


moms making fresh tortilla shells. how beautiful is she while she's working?

there's even an entrance for pets!

Mixteco Grill at 1601 W. Montrose Ave. in Lakeview is mostly known for their excellent, delicious Mexican dinners. They make amazing pork chops!! But they have begun to serve brunch on the weekends, not the weekdays! And they're brunch specialties are Monte-licious!!

They have Huevos & Chorizo, Chilaquiles, but the last two times I went, I had the Huevos El Bajio! These are poached eggs, which I love, served in a philo dough like, corn masa boat, smothered in a creamy poblano sauce, and topped off with a savory, and juicy chorizo. Some of the best chorizo I have eaten in months! Not greasy, cheap, full of fat and grisel, but tender, juicy, and full of spicy flavor that I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy. If not, well.... that would change the dynamic of our relationship. Just sayin.

They also make fresh corn tortilla shells, they are not from a factory, nor are their chips. and they have fresh squeezed oj, and pretty good coffee. And the dinners are unlike most any other Mexican spot within miles!

These jerks are closed on Mondays, and don't open till 5 p.m. week nights. And now they are open at 10, or 10:30 a.m. on the weekends, until 2 p.m. to serve you up a superb brunch! And there is currently no line, or wait for a table.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

La Palapita, Paleo Style... tricks!!!!

 The one and only "La Palapita."


Char broiled steak!!

Bringin back the fake tat's yo!
Open that deliciousness up, and take a look inside.


Eat It!

Eat It!!!

Gizzity Gone!
La Palapita is in Chicago's lovely Portage Park neighborhood at 4263 W. Milwaukee Ave. Yes there are now tons of Mexican spots in Chicago, and yes there are a lot of good ones. Palapita is one of the great ones!! When I was a kid, you could say "La Palapita" 3 times in a row, rub yer belly, and the burritos would magically appear! It was wonderful! Now I have to drive there. Sad face.

If you follow me, you know, I love everything, and anything that is made on a char grill, and La Palapita's steak tacos are char grilled, and always have been. This place has been around for over 20 years! And I have been going there for all, over 20 years. I learned to order my food in Spanish thanks to this place. I actually used to hate hearing my cousin order in broken spanish, I felt the guys hated hearing it. I was wrong, and it makes things much easier.

If you love excellent, meaty, savorful, steak tacos, this is the spot. The also have excellent, house made chips, and salsa. I do not respect a Mexican spot that gets their chips from a bag. They also have excellent, but super sweet, Rice Water. Plus they have amazing rub on tattoos for only 50 cents!!!! I can eat, and get a cool tat in the process.

Now the Paleo portion. I have changed the way I look at food, and most meals I eat now, I cut the carbs, and the stuff that's not so great for me on the inside. And here is a perfect example. I enjoyed every bite of this delicious STEAK BURRITO, and none of the carbs. I lost weight eating this meal, just by opening the burrito, ya gotta ask them not to cut it, and eating out all the goodies with a fork. When I was down with my meal, I left feeling satisfied, almost full, not bloated, or tired, and I had a great meal out. You can do it too. If it works for you, because it definitely works for me.

The other thing I should mention, Palapita has their own parking lot, which helps, and they sometimes have a cute girl taking yer order. Sometimes. They have other food options besides burritos, and besides steak. But that is what I go there for, but anything else is there is great too.