Wednesday, November 9, 2011

La Palapita, Paleo Style... tricks!!!!

 The one and only "La Palapita."


Char broiled steak!!

Bringin back the fake tat's yo!
Open that deliciousness up, and take a look inside.


Eat It!

Eat It!!!

Gizzity Gone!
La Palapita is in Chicago's lovely Portage Park neighborhood at 4263 W. Milwaukee Ave. Yes there are now tons of Mexican spots in Chicago, and yes there are a lot of good ones. Palapita is one of the great ones!! When I was a kid, you could say "La Palapita" 3 times in a row, rub yer belly, and the burritos would magically appear! It was wonderful! Now I have to drive there. Sad face.

If you follow me, you know, I love everything, and anything that is made on a char grill, and La Palapita's steak tacos are char grilled, and always have been. This place has been around for over 20 years! And I have been going there for all, over 20 years. I learned to order my food in Spanish thanks to this place. I actually used to hate hearing my cousin order in broken spanish, I felt the guys hated hearing it. I was wrong, and it makes things much easier.

If you love excellent, meaty, savorful, steak tacos, this is the spot. The also have excellent, house made chips, and salsa. I do not respect a Mexican spot that gets their chips from a bag. They also have excellent, but super sweet, Rice Water. Plus they have amazing rub on tattoos for only 50 cents!!!! I can eat, and get a cool tat in the process.

Now the Paleo portion. I have changed the way I look at food, and most meals I eat now, I cut the carbs, and the stuff that's not so great for me on the inside. And here is a perfect example. I enjoyed every bite of this delicious STEAK BURRITO, and none of the carbs. I lost weight eating this meal, just by opening the burrito, ya gotta ask them not to cut it, and eating out all the goodies with a fork. When I was down with my meal, I left feeling satisfied, almost full, not bloated, or tired, and I had a great meal out. You can do it too. If it works for you, because it definitely works for me.

The other thing I should mention, Palapita has their own parking lot, which helps, and they sometimes have a cute girl taking yer order. Sometimes. They have other food options besides burritos, and besides steak. But that is what I go there for, but anything else is there is great too. 

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