Monday, September 26, 2011

Since my injury, rutured achilles tendon, I have been cooking at home. Here is an excellent treat for you.

So I ruptured my achilles tendon a few weeks back, and needed surgery. Surgery was a success, and I feel great. But I have not left the house, except for doctors appts. I live on a second floor, and I am not so good on the crutches, and you know I love to eat out. What to do?

Well, my wife and I, mostly her, have been cooking every single meal at home over the past two weeks. But where I can help, I love to feel of use. Plus cooking is so much freakin fun. Anyway, I decided to help one day by looking for something interesting, and delicious to eat. My wife had mentioned her famous cheese stuffed dates, and that got the juices flowing.

What came out of it was one of the tastiest freakin apetizers I have had in a while. Or until we find/create another delicious treat. So let us check out what we have here...

Dates (pitted, and split down the middle)
Italian Sausage, or any sausage to yer liking
Tooth picks

After you pit, and split the dates, over stuff them bitches, and I do mean over stuff them bitches!! With Italian sausage, or any sausage to yer liking, then wrap a slice of bacon, that has been cut in half, you do not need a full slice of bacon, around the stuffed date. Then run a tooth pick through it to hold it together. Bake in a baking pan for on 375 degrees for 25 to 35 min. Keep checking till they look done. You will know what that looks like, and if you don't, do not try this recipe. But remember, meat should be cooked all the way through to prevent you from becoming ill. Which you probably already are, if yer a fan of mine. And I love you for it!!!!!!!

Enjoy these, and if you don't.... I don't wanna hear about it!

Also, this recipe is Paleo, and somewhat healthy for you. That is if you don't eat a ton of garbage to begin with.


Billymo said...

Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery.. The dates sound very good. Hell, it's dates, it's almost health food!

Monte said...

Thank you Billy! And it was a 4:20 post, ha!

Matt said...

Dude - great post and get better soon!

Monte said...

Thank You Matt! 'preciate it!