Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bang Bang Pie-Biscuit-Coffee, where everything you put in yer mouth feels like a hug.

Bang Bang Pie Coffee and Biscuits at 2051 N. California in Chicago's very own Logan Square. Bang Bang is one of Chicago's many pie shops that have been cropping up in the city throughout the past few years. Which I freakin love!! You can never get enough pie! I really dig this spot and feel it is definitely worth the time to swing by and check it out. Now let's get to the food/pie & biscuits!
The chocolate coconut pie. Ridiculous!! Worthy of shoving in yer face!! I did.

Banana, toffee, and i think walnut?? pie. This was also completely Monte-licious!!

First I am shoving the chocolate coconut pie in my face.

as soon as the creamy, smooth whip cream hits my mouth my taste buds lit up!! The chocolate is silky, sweet and mild. Not to rich and overpowering. Just right!

Btw, I loved the crust, but only ate a bite. As much as love a good crust, I feel it is filler, and I am mostly interested in the filling. Plus I am trying to watch my figure currently.

They weigh the each biscuit to the exact same size. I love this, I hate anyone gettin over on me and would be pissed if one of my friends had a larger biscuit than I. Very pissed!!

some behind the scenes action of the chocolate pie bein made

Looks like graham cracker, crumble crust is bein prepped. I hope I am correct, I didn't double check. Meh... They didn't seem interested in speaking with me for to long anyway. But they did let me take these pics.

After you get yer biscuit you have yer choice of fresh butters and fresh jam. How freakin cool is that??! Super cool.

Behold..... The BISCUIT. I would love this f*cker with some sausage gravy!! The biscuit is perfectly crunchy on the outside

...and soft and doughy on the inside. Absorbent too! It is made to accept butter! Like my gut.

Salted butter

Blueberry Jam

This, or make sweet love Pamela Anderson??

Biscuit wins this time, Pamela!

Takin it down

So damn good!

I am lovin it.

Yes. Bottom gone first.

Look at the crunchy top. In my opinion Bang Bang is totally one of the best spots to get a biscuit in Chicago. If you love biscuits, you will love em here.