Friday, June 20, 2014

One of my favorite Indian food trucks of all time!

First let me say sorry it has been 4 + months since my last post. I have no excuses.

DESI FOOD TRUCK 852, Second Avenue New York, NY. 10017 is easily one of the best Indian food trucks I have ever eaten from in my life. I'll take it one step further, it is one of my favorite spots for Indian food, period. They just do it right. Spiced right, proper portions and inexpensive prices. Not to mention all the food is dairy free! I had the Chicken Kati roll (5x in 3 days) and the Chicken Tika Masala (dairy free and freakin Montalicious). Enough with the chit chat, let get to the pics!!

Here they come pulling up to their spot. They are always at the same spot, see the address posted above. 

Look att hose inexpensive prices! And this is in NY!!

Doesn't this just turn you on? I mean look at that chicken rolled up in that lightly fried  Paratha. I love Paratha, it is crispy, fried, flat bread that is so Montalicious I truly believe more places should start using it as a bread for any and all sandwiches.

Look at me go....

...this is the proper way to shove into your mouth.

If it's good, it's gone! And it is gone!

Chicken Tika Masala. And it's dairy free, look at me. 

Look at that healthy chunk of chicken, dawg!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finally, my episode of Log On And Eat in it's entirety!!

My episode of Log On And Eat with Eden Grinshpan is up in it's entirety! And it's free! Just follow the link I am join to attach then click on the "Foddimentary" episode and I am the final guest!

Here is the link.... LOG ON AND EAT WITH EDEN & MONTE

Watch it, enjoy it, and please share it!!

A ridiculous breakfast yer gonna love!!

My buddies sister was raving about this place in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin called Manny's Snack Shack over Christmas dinner (2013) to the point where my mouth was salivating! I planned to go there asap! I called the following day only to find out Manny's was closed for another month, winter holiday!! WTF!! I was stuck with anxiety!

But I marked my calendar, and the day they opened, a month later, I was sitting at the counter placing my order!

Let me introduce to what has to be one of the better breakfast spots I have discovered in a few, thanks to Annette, Manny's Snack Shack, 404 S Lake Ave, Twin Lakes, WI.

This is Manny's (exterior)

This is Manny, working the grill! Like a champ!

Like I said I arrived their first day back from a month + long vacation, and this place was hopping and Manny was slinging it!! He seriously runs that grill like a master! He has a controlled chaos that is fun to watch and be around. I ordered the Chicken George (chicken fried steak and eggs). For some reason fried steak, eggs, hash browns and sausage gravy spoke to me that morning. And I am glad it did, check it out!!

Look at this monster breakfast!! 
Here is a nice personal shot of the chicken fried steak with white sausage gravy atop. It is as beautiful as my wife on our wedding day.

This is a meal for a family of four, or me.

A bite that shows respect to the meal....

getting it in there is tough but not impossible....

And done! I got it all in!

Boom! Clean plate, jerk! Me. I win! What, I don't know.

This place is full of life, character and great food! They have a lot more to choose from... burgers, french toast, garbage omelettes, you name it, they have it or can make it. Check out Manny's, it is worth the trip!! But maybe wait till summer, it is on a beautiful lake and that is fun to look at... water.

Here are a few random shots of the place....

And remember, no checks accepted! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Watch me eat, people! Please.

I was on a show called Steve Gadlin's Star makers. This is a very dumb show, so I fit right in! Watch me eat by clicking on this whole sentence! The show was fun and I did service for all of mankind, I am eating the right way.

Steve Gadlin is my friend and the show is really fun and a lot of fun, please watch clips of the other jerks after enjoying my clip. Which you can watch here just by clicking on this sentence too!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pizza wars is next week, January 16th. You just might wanna be there, I will!

You all must remember last year I posted pics from an event known as Pizza Wars! Pizza Wars is a charitable event pitting some of Chicagoland's greatest pizza spots against each other for a shot at Pizza War glory! 

Here is all of the information you need for Pizza Wars....

SKOKIE, IL (JANUARY 16, 2014) – The District 219 Education Foundation, with the assistance of the student organization Dance Marathon, will host its 4th annual Pizza Wars on Thursday, January 16th, 2014, from 6-8pm as pizza ovens across Niles township will be fired up in preparation for the Foundation’s signature fundraiser, “Pizza Wars 4: May The Fourth Be With You”. After last years’ standing room only success, the event has been moved to the larger contest gym at Niles West High School (5701 Oakton, Skokie). The question plaguing all…will Village Inn retain its title of Maestro or will the trophy be tossed to another?

Pizza tasting will begin at 6pm, with the contest ending at 7:15pm. The trophy will be awarded at 7:30pm. Advanced ticket prices are $12 per person, $40 for a family of 4, and $15 per person at the door. The evening will also feature live entertainment from Niles West and North student bands, face painting, a balloon artist and a strolling magician for the young at heart. Tickets may be purchased on the Foundation’s website at Participating pizzerias include Lou Malnati’s, Barnaby’s, Father & Son Italian Kitchen, Giordano’s, Gulliver’s, Jet’s Pizza, Nancy’s, OrganicLife, Papa John’s, Village Inn, and Wa-pa-ghetti’s.

I am looking forward to it! Also, it will be my 1 yr anniversary of meeting the wonderfully talented and exceptionally beautiful women of Ripple Productions, who play a big part in organizing and promoting Pizza Wars!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Amazing Burger with even better Fries and it's not at a burger spot...'s at a Greek spot. The one and only Athenian Room! Located in Lincoln Park, Chicago at 807 W. Webster! I have been going here since I was a freshman in H.S., 1985. And I did not have the Burger until this year!! This year!! Ridiculous! It's ridiculous because the burger is easily one of the tastiest burgers I have ever eatin, it is totally Monte-licious! I feel like I wasted 20+ yrs of my life. And the fries, the fries are amazing! They call em Greek Fries and they are seasoned with oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and Greek Spices (Oregano, Basil, Thyme, and other stuff, like salt, pepper....). The same cook is there since I was in H.S. as well is the hostess/greeter. Consistency, people.

Enough talk, let's check out the burger...

There is nothing I love more than a char grilled burger and this thick, meaty, juicy burger is char grilled to perfection (medium, for me). The bun is soft and I love sesame seed buns with a burger. and the good thing about a nice fresh bun is it absorbs all the juices from the burger, that is my favorite. So much so that i would like you to watch me eat it, please.

Such a tasty burger, I was happy to eat it... ALL!!

After that tasty burger it is now my duty to eat the fries, the ridiculously delicious Greek Fries, which I have been eating since 1985.

And last but mot least I wanna mention that they also have delicious salads, I like the small Greek salad and they happily accept gold coins! They are so happy that they put in print in the menu! Check out Athenian Room, and try the burger!! It's not all Greek to me!

One last thing, the restaurant shares a restroom with the neighboring bar, which I loved when I was 14! Now, I dunno. ; )

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guess who got to be a judge (Celebrity Judge) at The Stand Up for Kids Mac & Cheese contest fundraiser??

Me!! The ladies at Ripple Productions have done it again! They invited me yet again to another amazing foodie event that works towards a good cause. This time I ended up at the one and only Max's Deli (This is a NY style deli right in the heart of Highland Park, if you live in the area do yerself a favor and visit them for a meal. You won't be disappointed!) in Highland Park, Il. at 191 Skokie Valley Road as a guest judge for a Mac & Cheese contest that was benefitting Stand Up for Kids, an organization that works toward ending the cycle of youth homelessness throughout the United States. Good food and good cause, what else can you ask for? I mean besides spending some quality time with... oh, excuse me.... anyway, let's get to the mac & cheese.

First let me say that I have never been confronted with so many different and interesting types of mac & cheese before in my life! It was truly overwhelming in the best way possible! And I hate to sound like a wuss, but they were all really pretty tasty in their own way, but it was a competition and there was a winner. Surprisingly the one I wanted to win did not, but the one that did win, I knew was going to win. I saw and tasted it's greatness, but the one I loved had fresh jalapeño cut up inside of it and that spice won me over.

The winner....
Smoke Daddy! I loved this one a lot, and it was my 2nd place choice, but I believe it could've also been my #1. This mac & cheese had a nice smooth flavor, the noodles were not mushy, they were firm. And it had this really nice almost crunchy, blackened cheese atop that was a "secret" ingredient. I guessed béchamel but I was told I was incorrect.

My winner....
This was mac & cheese from Tap House Grill and I just loved the spice from the fresh jalapeño peppers they had mixed into the dish. They also nice bacon chunks, tomato (which I dodged, not a huge tomato fan outside of sauces or grilled) and chicken chunks. This one was so good in my opinion that I went back for more after we were done judging. My winner.

And the rest, that were all really pretty damn tasty!!
This one tasted very much like Kraft Mac & cheese. But it didn't taste out of the box, it tasted like this was what they were trying to emulate when they made their recipe.  Like I imagine this being in the Kraft tester kitchen vein prepped by chefs.

This one had a hint of a sweetness to it, and they used shells for their noodles, which I enjoyed. 

I really liked this one a lot too. 

This one was real interesting, it had braised beef in it and  portabello mushrooms.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom, an active member of Stand Up for Kids, the mayor of  Highwood, Il., Charlie Pecaro And Mary Tyler Mom. Not to mention seeing the always beautiful ladies (Ilyce & Cassy, both are stunning) that run Ripple Productions! This was a great event, plus a good time! Oh, and I also got to meet the owner from Kitchen Chicks, one of places that served some of the best catered food I have ever eaten! And I wanna thank Max's Deli for hosting and running a really tight ship. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Need an inspiring meal? Try Inspiration Kitchens...

I did and I loved it! Inspiration Kitchens are a Chicago based restaurant that employs homeless and is also a training center for chefs. You get a great meal for a decent price and you can feel good about where your money is going... You are sometimes helping someone pay for a room for the night.

They have 2 locations in the city, I ate the Uptown location: 4715 N. Sheridan. I went there cause Tweet, a place I love was packed. But what a fortunate turnout for me. The other location is: 3504 W. Lake St. (Garfield Park).

Well, let's get to the food, that's really what we're here for. I had the The Whole Pig Breakfast Skillet and this is what this delight has in it:
Braised pork, bacon, ham, caramelized onions and potatoes topped with two sunny eggs and barbeque sauce.
Just look at that! Seriously, look at it.

I bust the egg open atop it so the yolk can smother into the meat and potatoes, that's how to do it properly. 

Oh yeah, look at me. I am so serious. Seriously ready. 


Shovin it in like a good boy.

Got it all in like the champ that I am!

And when it's good it is gone! See ya!