Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Italian Turkey instead of Italian Beef. And it is Superb!

It's been a while, sorry. It is summer, and I am outdoors more than I am indoors.

Francos Italian Bakery & Deli in Streamwood, Il. at 1550 Bourbon Parkway has one of the most creative sandwiches I have had in a long time. I say creative cause I have never heard of, or even thought of an Italian Turkey sandwich in my entire life. Ever. And Francos has thought of it, and perfected it!

It is an Italian Beef, but with turkey, and turkey au jus instead of beef. And if yer a lover of turkey sandwiches, this may end up being one of yer favorites. Just imagine a well seasoned, herbed, beef sandwich in a fresh made crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside bun and then switch the meat to turkey and you pretty much got it. The Italian Turkey! And the buns are made in house, it's a bakery, and a deli.

The Italian Turkey is "Monte-licious!" and completely worth the drive for the sandwich. They also have excellent baked goods, deli sub sandwiches, and hot foods like pasta, and other Italian specialties.

I must mention that when I first went here I was confused and felt like I didn't like the sandwich that much, I told my friend that who told me about the place and she hasn't spoke to me since then.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am in love with a Hamburger!

The burger at Birchwood Kitchen in Wicker Park on 2211 W. North Ave. has plenty of amazing meals that are served on a rotating seasonally menu. Winter brought beefy, meaty, Reuben Sandwiches, and spring has fresh, organic, Beet and Goat Cheese Sandwiches on the menu. And a ton of other great treats I have sampled, and loved. But the burger stole my heart.

The Birchwood burger is only served during dinner hours, 5-9 p.m. Tue. - Fri. And my mouth salivates thinking about on the days I am planning to go and eat one. Let e preface by saying that this is the first place I had a burger medium - rare, I usually get medium. So the extra juiciness blew me away. I love a juicy burger. But this burger is also meaty, and fresh. The meat is so succulent. And it is topped with a few pieces of bacon. they are of a medium thickness, perfectly porky, and savory. And atop all of that, white cheddar cheese. What do I need to say about thick, cheddary, white pieces of melted cheese? And bringin up the bottom... A garlic aioli sauce, that is also soaking up meat juices from the burger. These juices are also dripping into a fresh sesame bun.

And the topper for the burger... It is Char-Grilled!! And we all know, everything tastes better on the grill. And the burger, as well as the bun have, and will always have tasty, charred, grill marks on em. I love that taste.

I also wanna plug the Basil infused Lemonade. They make a simple syrup with basil leaves, and use that to sweeten the lemonade. "Monte-licious!" And it's Free refills on the lemonade. They have excellent soups, salads, sides, and desserts too! Try the carrot cake, and the chocolate chip cookie. Lemon bar too.

Plus they have an outdoor patio in the summer! There are a ton of beautiful women there at any given moment also, that is awesome! Milf and hottie Hipsters galore.