Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bacon & Egg Cupcakes. Or, Bacon Boobs!

First, you will need BACON!! I recommend any brand without all the chemical, and hormonal additives. I have no loyalty to a single brand. Not yet, at least. But I am loyal to chemical free, no hormones and or additives. I prefer my meat from 100% grass fed animals. And so should you!!!!!

You will need a cupcake baking tin. I use silicon, it just seems easier. I hope it's not poisoning me. I should investigate that. Anyway, this is what I use.

And eggs. These are farm fresh eggs! I know all eggs come from a farm, right? Wrong! Most eggs come from corporate coops where the chickens are in cages, or roaming in a room filled with 1,000's of other chickens. Eating chemically treated feed, getting sick, dying... stay away from that sh*t.

You must first fry the bacon on an extremely low heat. You wanna brown the bacon only!! If it gets crispy it will not work for this recipe! So cook it slow and steady.
Before you put bacon in yer cupcake tin, you must coat with a non stick substance. I recommend olive oil, or coconut oil. I used olive oil.

Place the bacon into the cupcake slots.  First you wanna cut some of yer bacon into pieces small enough to layer on the bottom of yer tin, then wrap a whole piece of bacon around the interior of the cupcake tin. Done, and easy to do.

then crack that beautiful, full egg into yer bacon cup.

Look at how beautiful those eggs are. The yolk stands up firm, like a nice weighted B/C or D cup breast. I love firm breasts.
Pre heat oven for 10 min at 400 degrees. Pre heating is the key, you must pre heat yer oven!! Dum dums do not pre heat their ovens, we do!

Toss in em for approximately 15 min. 

This is after 16 min at 400 degrees

Here is a top and side view for ya. Look at how pretty those eggs look! 2 of em, up high and firm. Bacon boobs!

Side shot, for yer viewing pleasure!

Bottom shot! Gotta love a bottom shot.

Monte-licious!! Gettin ready to take it down!!

Your hero.

The yolk after 16 min in the oven is not spilling out, but still has a little fluidity to it. Very little. I prefer em a  little runnier, but this way is less messy. But who cares about messy when yer eating, right? I hate when people are afraid to eat ribs cause they don't wanna get their hands dirty. Jerks! You can't have sex without gettin dirty, and you can't eat like a proper savage without gettin dirty. I am a SAVAGE!! 

There you have it people, Bacon & Egg cupcakes. I also recommend topping them off with yer favorite cheese, and maybe some chopped chives or what not sprinkled atop. Any way you choose to make em, have fun with em, and EAT EM UP!!!!

I would like to thank Benita Santillanes for the inspiration to make these!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ethiopian in New Orleans' Garden District! And it's Monte-licious!!

Cafe Abyssinia at 3511 Magazine St. in the Garden District in New Orleans. This is the front entrance to a very small, yet extremely delicious Ethiopian restaurant. it is hard to find good, Ethiopian food outside of a major metropolitan area, but I found it here. This place is great! The food is made fresh to order, and comes out steaming hot.

No explanation needed here

I had the veggie special for $11.99. That included tax. That is a good meal at a good deal! Look at that table setting/placement. I am the man!!

Left to right: red lentils, potatoes & carrots (stewed), split yellow peas. All atop injera bread. You eat with yer hands. This meal was made with love, and I could taste it in every bite. It was super solid food! The lentils were still firm, with an easy break. The potato and carrot stew was soft, and succulent. The split peas were mushy like baby food, so freakin Monte-riffic! You will lose yer sh*t when eat this meal!

Ya grab some of the injera bread that comes on the side, and scoop that goodness up and into yer mouth. Injera bread is a yeast-risen flatbread and is spongy in texture. It is made out of teff flour which is a grass grain, high in fiber, protein, calcium And iron. Ladies, iron!

Look at how delicious I make it look. That is the owner in the background, he was cool. He knew of Ras Dashen, a Chicago Ethiopian spot, which is king in Chicago for Ethiopian.

The cool thing about Ethiopian food, you eat the "plate."

And you keep eating the "plate." I know it's not literally the plate, but the food sits atop it like as if it were a plate.

Traditional Ethiopian table. Not comfy for a guy like me with a lousy back and bad knees.

The front street side sign, so you don't miss it. It is set back, off of the street.

See? It's way in the back, like a garage or coach house. Or the maid. I shoulda had those jerks do my laundry! Drats!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Italian Beef for $2.29!! The video.

The sound is a bit iffy, but this is a good one. It is funny, and was a lot of fun to shoot to day. Enjoy!
You are gonna love Anthony!! Trust me!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paleo Chicken & Veggie Soup! So good I go T-O-P-L-E-S-S!

The Chicken: farm raised, free roaming, no chemical feed. this bird ate bugs and blueberries!! that's the bird cooling after i boiled it for about two hours in water and "better than bullion" chicken base/broth.

the chicken is de-boned in broth and i am slicing onions on a mandalin slicer into the soup

now i am slicing celery into the soup. i hate celery, so the mandalin slicer really helps. it makes em so thin, you don't even notice em in the soup. yippee! i add em because i feel you need too.

i love carrots, so they go in. plus it ads color to the mix. i like color in the mix. i also like hispanic women.

mixing in the mix.

chopped kale. kale is one of the single most nutritious things you can put in yer mouth.

green bean. we had em for over a week, they're goin in!!

look at that!

garlic. you need garlic.
we jar everything, there is the soup in a jar

look at me, so happy to eat a healthy, tasty & flavorful soup. noodle need not apply. rice neither. paleo soups are delicious, nutritious, and fun to cook. this soup was done and ready to eat in under 4 hours. i added a pinch of salt and pepper, but very little salt. the "better than bullion" base chicken stock is the key. use that over any other bullion or stock out there, that stuff is superior to all others in my opinion.

Monday, February 6, 2012

New Orleans Catfish, and a Beauty Queen for a bartender. Only at...High Hat in NOLA!

High Hat in New Orleans 4500 Freret St. in Uptown

Here is the the interior, mostly, there is a bar as well. This lace is open, airy, and comfortable. Tables are evenly, and spaciously spaced apart. There are enough ceiling fans to generate electricity like a windmill farm in this place. I count 5 just in this pic alone, and there were plenty more.

This is the bartender. She had great posture. She said she loved me, I had to let her down easy and tell her I was married. Can she cry!

3 piece Catfish Dinner, with a side of green beans that were smothered in chopped garlic, onions, and either pork bellies or bacon with a light buttery, or oil sauce. Or both, combined. Hush puppies, cole slaw, and pickles were included. The catfish was light and flaky, and the batter was crunchy. I believe the batter was a light dusting of flour and corn meal. The side of slaw was really terrific. Fresh crunchy red cabbage, carrots, I think I saw and tasted celery seed, and deliciousness. Hush puppies were spectacular as well. Crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside with bits of corn. Oh, and the dipping/fish sauce was creamy, smooth, and thick, so good atop the catfish. Nothing comes from a box here, all fresh and made in house.

The green beans. These were absolutely ridiculously Monte-licious!! Some of the tastiest green beans I have eve had the pleasure of eating.

Look how happy I am as I am about to devour the sh*t outta those green beans.


My charming waitress, she was sweet. Which makes me think she is a freak in the sheets! On Halloween, she told me she loves to be ghost.

The dessert is  a re-fried donut from a place down the street called Freret St. Po-Boy which makes some of the best donuts I ever had in my life. It is topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A crispy fried donut, that is soft and hot on the inside, with cool, smooth ice cream on the top has to be the 8th. deadliest sin. And I took the sin all the way in.