Friday, June 20, 2014

One of my favorite Indian food trucks of all time!

First let me say sorry it has been 4 + months since my last post. I have no excuses.

DESI FOOD TRUCK 852, Second Avenue New York, NY. 10017 is easily one of the best Indian food trucks I have ever eaten from in my life. I'll take it one step further, it is one of my favorite spots for Indian food, period. They just do it right. Spiced right, proper portions and inexpensive prices. Not to mention all the food is dairy free! I had the Chicken Kati roll (5x in 3 days) and the Chicken Tika Masala (dairy free and freakin Montalicious). Enough with the chit chat, let get to the pics!!

Here they come pulling up to their spot. They are always at the same spot, see the address posted above. 

Look att hose inexpensive prices! And this is in NY!!

Doesn't this just turn you on? I mean look at that chicken rolled up in that lightly fried  Paratha. I love Paratha, it is crispy, fried, flat bread that is so Montalicious I truly believe more places should start using it as a bread for any and all sandwiches.

Look at me go....

...this is the proper way to shove into your mouth.

If it's good, it's gone! And it is gone!

Chicken Tika Masala. And it's dairy free, look at me. 

Look at that healthy chunk of chicken, dawg!