Friday, October 8, 2010

Schlegl's Bakery, one of my faves.

3915 Touhy Ave. Lincolnwood, Il. next to the Long John Silvers

I found a great butter cookie spot!! I love butter cookies, but I absolutely love the turtle butter cookies best. Only problem is, most places/bakeries I get em at, the cookies are usually a little hard, caramel is a bit chewy, and the chocolate is like the chocolate coating they use on ice cream cones. Hard. Which I like, but not on a cookie.
Anyway, I am in an air rifle club, and one of my fellow shooters, who are German, was tellin me one night, that in Germany, everyone learns a trade or skill in school starting when you are a child. So by the time yer an adult, on yer own, and in the real world, you are a master at what you do, and hopefully a professional. She said, this is the best way to teach/raise a child. And I agree, I think that is very smart, kinda wish I was raised in that fashion. But I am not German. She proceeded to tell me that her husband was a baker, trained since he was a child in Germany, and when he came to America he opened a bakery. It became the family business. She said everything that he made there was the best; he baked everyday with love, and years of experience. Experience that he passed down to his son. She said that fortunately her son had an interest/love for baking at an early age, so the father trained him, basically groomed him to take over the business one day, and he did. She said that her baked just as well as his father, and that the tradition and quality of the their product was incomparable; the best.

I know most parents are going to be on their child's side, that's just the way it is. I mean, you could show my mom video footage of me committing a crime, and she'd say it was either a look a like, that I was sleep walking, or that it was a computer generated image of me placed in that situation. But I was raised with these kids who had a straight up German mother from Germany, and I saw her humiliate my friends on multiple occasions when they made mistakes. It’s where I learned, humiliate, intimidate to motivate from. So I have an opinion, be it a blanket opinion, right or wrong, that German parents would not tolerate substandard achievements. So when all the conversation and family praising was done, I knew, I had to go to this bakery.
I now had a mission.

The directions were simple; it's on Touhy, east of Pulaski/Crawford next to the long Long John Silver. Ppppffff, it was exactly like she told me; on Touhy, just east of Pulaski/Crawford, and it was right next to the Long John Silver. But from the outside, it didn't look impressive. I don't mean it looked bad, it’s just with all this talk of history, and tradition, I was expectin an old school lookin bakery; all white, or yellow, with a big old cheesy sign from the 60's. And instead, it was all brown, pretty modern looking, and the name of the place; "Schlegls" was in a weird font on an ugly brown awning. So visually, I was kinda disappointed.

Well, I drove all the way out here, I am going to just go inside and check it out, I thought to myself. I walk inside, and immediately it smelled fantastic. It was small, and everything was tightly set up right in front for you to see immediately. Now it was becoming much more impressive. The baked items look amazing! It’s not a bunch of ridiculous cupcake flavors, or crazy lookin cakes & currie flavored cookies. It’s traditional, old school bakery goods I love; butter cookies, donuts, brownies, coffe cakes, some covered in chocolate. This is a throw back to the stuff I remember loving as a child, where most things are covered in chocolate frosting! And being a good German bakery, they even had plum cake. And then, there they were, my beloved; turtle cookies. Butter cookies topped with a splash of caramel, a sprinkle of pecans, and a dollop of chocolate. All of my favorites in one sweet treat!
There it is, waiting for me, I order two of em, and two butter cookies with chocolate kisses on em. The girl behind the counter puts em in a box and tapes it shut. Tapes it! I said, “Tape, a mild deterrent.” She looked at me and laughed, I wanted to have sex with her. I immediately ripped the tape of in an “I’m insulted” manner, and asked her if she could throw it away for me. She didn’t laugh. I still wanted to sex her.
I am in my car, right in front of the bakery; I cannot wait so I open the box. Right away I begin to get excited, when I remove the top layer of paper from the cookies, it is covered in chocolate. This is a good sign; it means the chocolate is not hard like on an ice cream cone. The chocolate is actually smooth & creamy chocolate frosting, and he pecans are fresh and soft. The caramel, some of the best, smoothest, creamiest, softest caramel I have ever bitten into. And the actually plate in which all of these wonderful treats were delivered on, or you can call it a Butter Cookie, was absolutely, perfectly yhe right texture; not to chewy, not to crunchy, but it had the perfect give, and feel on yer my teeth, and was it buttery. But not to buttery, like if you set in a cardboard box for a few and moved it, it wouldn’t look like you just moved a piece of pizza.
The perfect cookie!
And the butter cookie with chocolate kisses was excellent to, same plate/butter cookie, covered in tiny little chocolate kisses. And the chocolate was delicious/”Monte-licious!” they may be tiny kisses, but boy, that is some smooth, milky chocolate, they are one of a kind.
The German lady from my air rifle club, and her family’s tradition pulled through. The cookies were impressive, and made look inside, I wish I had some sorta family tradition like that, but I don’t. My dad did things I am not at liberty to speak of, and my mom worked in a factory. And I love em both more than anything for doing whatever it took to provide. I just wish we had some tradition is all. We all have stinky feet.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Makin a pizza with Monte." Complete.

if this doesn't work go to the "makin a pizza with monte" just to the left here, in my links list. enjoy.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakfast at The Ravenswood Grill

The Ravenswood Grill is in Chicago at 1968 W. Lawrence Ave. just east of Damen on the north side of the street. They feature mostly organic, sustainable food. and they have one of our current favorite waiters there, Anthony.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Russian Bear Eats!!!!

Me n buddy Miro eating at Los Nopales, one of Chicago's finer Mexican Restaurants. It is located at 4544 N. Western Ave.

The video is under 4 minutes long, and I think it's worth stickin' with, it has a few dry moments but it's mostly pretty entertaining.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why “Appetite for Destruction” by Guns n’ Roses is one of the all time greatest rock albums ever!! In my humble opinion.

Why “Appetite for Destruction” by Guns n’ Roses is one of the all time greatest rock albums ever!! In my humble opinion.

The year is 1987, heavy metal is goin’ strong. 1986 brought us “Master of Puppets,” “Reign in Blood,” “Somewhere in Time,” and “Peace Sells, but Who’s Buying?” By Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth. Music for me was peaking!!
No worries of the doom and gloom Grunge sh*t at this time.

Now comes 1987, Anthrax, King Diamond, Helloween, and Testament release some of their finer albums (“Among the Living,” “Abigail,” “Keeper of the Seven Keys,” and the debut album from Testament – “The Legacy.” All greats!

But then came “Appetite for Destruction!” (October 3, 1987)
Guns n’ Roses? Who are they? Is that two people singing? Is that really someone’s voice? What the f*ck kind of an album cover is that? The original I am referring to, not the cross with heads cover. Who is that freakin’ guitar player with the big hat, crazy hair, and no face? How does he even see what he’s doin? Wait a minute, it is just one guy singing! They do that great song? And this one? That one too? All on one album?!!!!! NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!!!

But yes, it was all true. “Appetite for Destruction” introduced the world to Guns n’ Roses. Now a bit of a joke due to ego, and infighting. But at one time, they were one of the greatest, most influential rock bands ever. They set the scene for a new take on an old look in rock n’ roll, and a new sound. A sound that was not heard before, and since, and has never been duplicated. Many bands have tried, but no one did what they did, like they did it.

Today it makes me sad that they are seen at as a joke to most. Axl is deemed a fool, and ego maniac. Slash is the good guy, and he probably is. Steven Adler, even though far removed from the band for years, is still a mess, because of the band. The other dudes, Duff, and and Izzy, considered good guys too, but not really the popular ones in the band. But Izzy, I always thought Izzy had that cool Rolling Stones vibe about him, and I do like his song “14 years” on “Use yer Illusion.” And Duff, from what I hear (on Howard Stern), is a stocks whiz, and does pretty well doin that. Besides the GnR money he, and everyone is still collecting.

Guns n’ Roses were definitely one of the cooler bands to influence my generation. I am proud to have been there in the beginning, as a fan, and that I was able to see them for what they really were and not what they have become. Even yer grandmother knows “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” C’mon!

I still listen to “Appetite” on a regular basis. I say it proudly, and I truly love every song from top to bottom, that album really takes me back. It was one of my funeral albums I would like played when my friends come to check out my dead body, or Urn.

And if you don’t agree with me, I don’t wanna hear about it!! It was painful enough seein’ Gn’R with other dudes playin’ all that great music. And it felt a little soulless when the guitar player would whip out a “Slash” solo. It just wasn’t right. I can only hope they settle their differences one day.
I am a proud Gn’R fan!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Bastille Day!! Eat at Kiki's Bistro!!!

Kiki's Bistro is a French restaurant at 900 N. Franklin St. Go celebrate Bastille Day with Crepes or some grilled white sea bass (shown above), or some escargots de bourgogne (also shown above).

Monday, July 12, 2010

I like what I like, and that's all that I like.

I like what I like and that's all that I like.

That sentence is what I am all about. That is it. Now let me elaborate.

I had a conversation one day with a gentleman who told me that he had been to 5 of the places I featured in my segments as part of the morning show I am fortunate to be a part of, "You & Me This Morning" on WCIU Chicago. I was extremely flattered, but he did mention that he wasn't all that impressed with a few of my spots, and I understand that. And that really struck me as something important.

And this is my point... I like these places, a lot. And I point out the things I like to eat when I go there, and that's what I am recommending to you. And I know some of these places may not be that great, as he pointed out, and he is right. 100% correct!
But there is something about every single one of these spots that I love for one reason or another. It may be an acquired taste, I have become friends with the owner, whatever, but I really like the places I feature. But I know it's all personal preference. So please keep that in mind when you visit any one of the spots I recommend, but please do visit them. You never when or where yer gonna find a great meal at a good deal.

And to my friend, I really appreciate you checkin out my spots, and I appreciated yer honesty with me. It has helped me get out a much needed point I had to address.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Me at the "Taste of Chicago" for "You & Me This Morning" WCIU Chicago

you may have to copy and paste the link. i tried doin the thing where it adds the link in the blog, and it isn't working.

this is a clip of me showing off a few of the more inexpensive items at the taste. a great thing, and it's ever so slight, is at the very end, the editor doesn't cut until i drop the smile at the end of my outro. very funny.

here is the where it is.....

I really wanted the catfish but I got the chicken. And it was great too!!

FEED! located at 2803 W. Chicago Ave. in Humboldt Park is "Monte-licious!" This place is servin up traditional American food. They have excellent catfish sandwiches, burgers, rotisserie chicken, etc. And they're sides are huge! And the fries are great with a side of mayo and ketchup mixed together. You have to do that yerself though, they will not be mixin this wonderful concoction together.

Check out FEED, it's good!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please vote for me to win $500!!!

i entered a joke contest and i am a finalist! i can win $500!!! my piece
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vote at this link...

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Monday, June 21, 2010

A meal for under $5 in the city that's filling?!!!! (before tax of course)

La Brasa Roja for your rotisserie chicken needs! and for under $5. They are located at 3125 W. Montrose Ave.

They do have a few other locations in the city, but this one has the $4.95 special all day long!!!! The lunch special is red beans, white rice, a small salad with a lime for dressing and yer choice of a quarter of rotisserie chicken, a char grilled chicken breast, or a char grilled piece of rib eye steak. What an amazing special!! But you gotta go to the Montrose Ave. location, I know for sure that at one of their other locations the special has selected hours of availability then it goes up 3 or 4 dollars. Who wants that? Not me.

And you really should try the fig dessert, it is "Monte-licious!" even though it costs almost as much as a full meal.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What?!!! Yer tellin me there's tacos in them there grocery stores?!!

Danny's Market at 2140 North Western Avenue is one of Chicago's many grocery store/supermarkets that sports a little restaurant somewhere in the back of the store or off to the side of the cash registers. Usually these are gonna be mexican restaurants, actually, that's all i have ever seen. but the point is, these are mostly gonna be great little spots with really fresh food. duh! it's in a store that sells fresh groceries!

there are dozens of these places if not hundreds around the area. so next time yer a t yer local neighborhood grocer, take a look around, or if you smell something good, go check it out. it's probably gonna be a good spot for you. i know danny's is good for me!

photographed are the sopes. sopes are basically a thicker corn tortilla that's more like a plate itself. it is loaded with meat, lettuce, cheese, tomato, etc. and fried on the flat grill. it is "monte-licious!!"

and when yer done eating, you can do a little grocery shoppin for the week!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yep, this is what I ate March 13th. 2010

Royal Thai for that budget guy. Or girl.

ROYAL THAI 2209 W. Montrose Ave. the lunch special is only $6.95 and you get an appetizer plus a soup!!! and it's "Monte-licious!"

you also get fresh flowers at every table.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My friend Heidi did an excellent piece on me. Check it out!!

you can actually click on the link in my "links" section just over to yer right, it's highlighted as my top link currently. just click and go.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just a friendly reminder

Diner grill 1635 W. Irving Park