Monday, June 21, 2010

A meal for under $5 in the city that's filling?!!!! (before tax of course)

La Brasa Roja for your rotisserie chicken needs! and for under $5. They are located at 3125 W. Montrose Ave.

They do have a few other locations in the city, but this one has the $4.95 special all day long!!!! The lunch special is red beans, white rice, a small salad with a lime for dressing and yer choice of a quarter of rotisserie chicken, a char grilled chicken breast, or a char grilled piece of rib eye steak. What an amazing special!! But you gotta go to the Montrose Ave. location, I know for sure that at one of their other locations the special has selected hours of availability then it goes up 3 or 4 dollars. Who wants that? Not me.

And you really should try the fig dessert, it is "Monte-licious!" even though it costs almost as much as a full meal.

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