Wednesday, September 30, 2009

your hero, me, eating a "rubber dog" from gene n' judes. one of my favorite hot dog spots ever! these are super skinny dogs with the casing, so they have a crunch.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breakfast buffet paradise!!!

Sunday morning breakfast buffet lovers you just met your new match. COROSH.
Corosh is a really interesting looking bar/restaurant on Milwaukee just south east of Division on the west side of the street with a huge sign you can’t miss(I say interesting cause all the beautiful woodworking in the place was hand carved & created over years by the owner, as well as the amazing art hanging throughout).
During the week and weekend it is a hipsters hangout where people get together and cut the carpet. But on Sunday morning it is a breakfast buffet with a paradise of food offerings at your fingertips just waiting for your mouth and belly to cut the carpet(and believe me I have had my share of throwing down in this place).
The buffet begins at 9:30 a.m. sharp. As soon as you walk in you can smell the strong scent of seasonings & spices letting you know this is no ordinary buffet.
As you approach the buffet line you will see to your left is a huge ham on the bone as well a massive cut of pork roast and a huge baked turkey with the head cook standing behind waiting to serve fresh cuts of meat to you. And these are no flimsy meat selections. I’m talkin’ about a 8lb. haunch of ham on the bone like you see at Christmas.
Then we hit some of the basics: bacon, breakfast sausage, etc.
Now, the interesting stuff.
They also have ready for you to eat at your leisure chunks of italian sausage smothered in red sauce & peppers, fried potatoes smothered in onions & peppers, chilaquilles (a mexican casserole dish of corn chips in melted spicy cheese with pieces of jalapeno pepper), spanish rice, chicken, breakfast cous cous, tuna salad, noodles in sauce, chopped fruit and cookies and cakes, etc. Plus, they add and change stuff every week (I like surprises) .
That’s not all. I know what you’re thinking, do they serve eggs, pancakes, toast or french toast? They do, and the best part about it is they serve them fresh to order so you get em’ the way you want them em’-fresh hot pancakes! Monte-Riffic!
Plus they have a bar and serve alcohol at 9:30a.m.! This is gross to me but great for my alcoholic friends. now get this the buffet plus eggs and pancakes prepared fresh for you, comes to $12 bucks per person. Great price great food. see you there.
The buffet never ends! 1072 N. Milwaukee 773-235-0600

Monday, September 28, 2009

I had an Italian Breaded Steak Sandwich today, and it was delicious!

North Siders!! We have a breaded steak sandwich spot!! Finally.

Today I went to a restaurant for lunch called Caponies Express on the northwest side of Chicago. A friend of mine, one of the owners, was raving about the breaded steak sandwich, which I am a huge fan of, but most everywhere in Chicago that makes 'em is on the south side and I live north. That being said, I barely eat 'em and I feel a sense of loss in my life because of it. But today I felt like if there was ever proof of a higher power, it showed itself to me. The breaded steak sandwich was DELICIOUS!!!! The steak was perfectly lightly breaded, not over fried or dry at all, and the sauce it was smothered in was so flavorful and fresh tasting that I felt like a pig in shit. I couldn't get enough. Plus the bread was really soft & spongy on the inside with a light crunch on the outside. What more can I say? I did not have anything else with it, no fries or salad. And the bathroom was clean, but it had an air freshener in it and the scent reminded me of the hug 'n tug massage parlors. Those places always use those things to cover the scent of sin. Caponies Express is at 6694 N. Northwest Hwy. in Edison park, which is a total cop neighborhood, so be careful!! And even though I am friends with the owners, I truly believe the sandwich is as good as I raved about it just now, I am not kissing any ass here. Besides, I paid full price for it, how good of friends can we really be? Sorry I have no pic., I was waiting to see if the sandwich was good before I shot it. But I will attach one later.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ramova Grill

Ramova Grill has one of my all time favorite meals: breaded pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes, peas, and gravy! I have loved this meal since I was kid when my mom used to make it for me, and let me eat as much and as many pork chops as I wanted. She also used to let me stand by her side while she was cooking them and I got tell her when I thought my chops looked like they were done. Extra crispy baby!! That being said, Bill Gertos, owner and cook of Ramovas, hit's the mark each and every time. He makes em' taste just like mom to used to make, they're so freakin' good! It's one of those meals, that when you've finished it you feel like goin' up and givin ma a great big hug, except now mom has a cock & balls and stands over 6 feet tall and is named Bill. One of the most important things you need to know about this special is that Ramova Grill only has the special every other Tuesday. That's right, so you gotta call ahead to make sure that the Tuesday you plan on going is the right one. And that can be tricky too, because the only phone to call in or out of is an 80 year old phone booth, and of course it is not listed. Luckily I have the number for you, 773-847-9058. That information I just gave you has gotta be worth something, right? I will accept hugs and kisses from all who wish to reward me. Well, that's my thing for Ramova Grill.... Oh sh*t, wait... I almost forgot, they make fresh squeezed o.j., awesome chili (but I am not personally a chili fan in all honesty), super breakfasts, and they have tons of other lunch/dinner specials that I can't think of right now. ...Double crap!!! The meal is under $6.00 including Chicago's ridiculous taxes! That's a good meal at a good deal yo!
Ramova Grill
3510 S. Halsted, in Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

#84, not #28

this is me eating at tank noodle, which is a vietnamese restaurant in chicago. in my opinion this is one of the better vietnamese spots around.

Friday, September 25, 2009

B&G at the Sunrise Cafe

Here's your hero eating at a great little breakfast spot in Warren, Illinois.