Monday, February 21, 2011

One of my favorite sandwiches, EVER! And it's not in Chicago. Sad face, very sad face.

R & O's (Roland & Ora's) in lovely New Orleans/Metairie at 216 Old Hammond Hwy. has one of the best sandwiches I have ever put in my mouth. Period! The R & O special is Monte-licious!! And actually worth traveling out to, it is amazing!

The R & O special is chunks/chips/strips of roast beef in an absolutely amazing brown/beef gravy, topped with fried/shaved ham, tomato which I remove, cheese which I remove, mayonnaise, lettuce, and pickles on a house made bun with some sesame seeds. It is sloppy, delicious, and a real freakin delight to eat.

They also have awesome, home made desserts. They are really made at someones home and brought into the restaurant. The desserts aren't on the menu, but there are hand made signs up all over that list the desserts.

Also, they have really cute waitresses, as well as few that aren't.

I love R & O's and I love Nola!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Petterino's, For date night. Maybe Valentines Day? Wink, wink fellas.

Petterino's at 150 N. Dearborn in Chicago's Loop neighborhood is a great place to get a skirt steak dinner. Usually I like to go to a mexican spot for skirt steak, it is usually gonna be a decent price, and you'll get a lot. But every now and again my wife and I like dress up, well I just wear a black shirt and khakis, and then we go some where a little nicer than we usually go to.

Petterino's is one of those spots. They do a great job with the skirt steak, it is grilled to perfection, then placed on top a ton of crispy frites (french fries), and the steak itself gets topped off with a little butter, spices, and chopped parsley? Maybe. something green, tasty. Probably not parsley. And it is drizzled with a ton of fried onions. So Monte-licious! It is not inexpensive here, but the skirt steak dinner is comparable to most places.

the wedge salad, and dessert were Monte-riffic! That vinaigrette is some of my all time favorite. And the chocolate, pecan pie, a 10!

Petterino's is named after the guy who ran Chicago's ever popular Pump Room.