Monday, February 7, 2011

Petterino's, For date night. Maybe Valentines Day? Wink, wink fellas.

Petterino's at 150 N. Dearborn in Chicago's Loop neighborhood is a great place to get a skirt steak dinner. Usually I like to go to a mexican spot for skirt steak, it is usually gonna be a decent price, and you'll get a lot. But every now and again my wife and I like dress up, well I just wear a black shirt and khakis, and then we go some where a little nicer than we usually go to.

Petterino's is one of those spots. They do a great job with the skirt steak, it is grilled to perfection, then placed on top a ton of crispy frites (french fries), and the steak itself gets topped off with a little butter, spices, and chopped parsley? Maybe. something green, tasty. Probably not parsley. And it is drizzled with a ton of fried onions. So Monte-licious! It is not inexpensive here, but the skirt steak dinner is comparable to most places.

the wedge salad, and dessert were Monte-riffic! That vinaigrette is some of my all time favorite. And the chocolate, pecan pie, a 10!

Petterino's is named after the guy who ran Chicago's ever popular Pump Room.

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