Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What?!!! Yer tellin me there's tacos in them there grocery stores?!!

Danny's Market at 2140 North Western Avenue is one of Chicago's many grocery store/supermarkets that sports a little restaurant somewhere in the back of the store or off to the side of the cash registers. Usually these are gonna be mexican restaurants, actually, that's all i have ever seen. but the point is, these are mostly gonna be great little spots with really fresh food. duh! it's in a store that sells fresh groceries!

there are dozens of these places if not hundreds around the area. so next time yer a t yer local neighborhood grocer, take a look around, or if you smell something good, go check it out. it's probably gonna be a good spot for you. i know danny's is good for me!

photographed are the sopes. sopes are basically a thicker corn tortilla that's more like a plate itself. it is loaded with meat, lettuce, cheese, tomato, etc. and fried on the flat grill. it is "monte-licious!!"

and when yer done eating, you can do a little grocery shoppin for the week!

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