Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ethiopian in New Orleans' Garden District! And it's Monte-licious!!

Cafe Abyssinia at 3511 Magazine St. in the Garden District in New Orleans. This is the front entrance to a very small, yet extremely delicious Ethiopian restaurant. it is hard to find good, Ethiopian food outside of a major metropolitan area, but I found it here. This place is great! The food is made fresh to order, and comes out steaming hot.

No explanation needed here

I had the veggie special for $11.99. That included tax. That is a good meal at a good deal! Look at that table setting/placement. I am the man!!

Left to right: red lentils, potatoes & carrots (stewed), split yellow peas. All atop injera bread. You eat with yer hands. This meal was made with love, and I could taste it in every bite. It was super solid food! The lentils were still firm, with an easy break. The potato and carrot stew was soft, and succulent. The split peas were mushy like baby food, so freakin Monte-riffic! You will lose yer sh*t when eat this meal!

Ya grab some of the injera bread that comes on the side, and scoop that goodness up and into yer mouth. Injera bread is a yeast-risen flatbread and is spongy in texture. It is made out of teff flour which is a grass grain, high in fiber, protein, calcium And iron. Ladies, iron!

Look at how delicious I make it look. That is the owner in the background, he was cool. He knew of Ras Dashen, a Chicago Ethiopian spot, which is king in Chicago for Ethiopian.

The cool thing about Ethiopian food, you eat the "plate."

And you keep eating the "plate." I know it's not literally the plate, but the food sits atop it like as if it were a plate.

Traditional Ethiopian table. Not comfy for a guy like me with a lousy back and bad knees.

The front street side sign, so you don't miss it. It is set back, off of the street.

See? It's way in the back, like a garage or coach house. Or the maid. I shoulda had those jerks do my laundry! Drats!!

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