Friday, January 18, 2013

Pizza Wars 3!!! Of course I was there!

What is Pizza Wars??! It is a competition between 12 pizza parlors (Pequods, Village Inn, Sarpino's (they brough pizza but were not a part of the competition), Papa John's, Nancy's, Lou Malnati's, Edwardo's, Father & Son, Carlucci's, Gulliver's, Organic Life, Jet's and Wa-Pa-Ghetti's) in the northern suburbs of Chicago held in the Niles West High School Gymnasium.

You pay $10 in advance and you get to eat as much pizza as you can handle for an hour and a half. With your admission you get a little plastic coin to use for voting, it is a Pizza War and there needs to be a winner. There is a table with baskets that have every pizza place labeled on individual buckets and you toss your single coin into the bucket with the name of your favorite pizza. The bucket with the most coins is the winner! That bein said, I did see a little fat kid tampering with the coins at one point until his mother pulled him away.

Organic Life is a pizza company in the HS that hosted the event. How cool to have an organic pizza place at your HS.

Lou Malnati's, a childhood favorite.

Jet's Pizza, workin it!

All of the plates and napkins were located at a table in the center of the madness!!

The Jet's Pizza mascot, an Italian Man.

That's how you do it!

The events host speakin with a guy from Village Inn, before the win.

The pretty ladies at Pequods, hustlin!

The voting buckets you drop your coins into to cast your vote for your favorite pizza.


My pizza sheet, this was to be stamped at every station so you could keep track of which pizzas you have already tried. I had all but 3.

The winner, Village Inn (Randy Miles) and the organizer of the event (Alyse Burman)! (I did not take this photo, but i took all the others)
Village Inn was the winner, congratulations. They served a thin crust pizza and it was delicious. I voted for Pequods which serves a thick crust pizza where the crust is caramelized and crunchy from the sauce, it's a preference and I really liked Village Inn and all the pizzas there that I had tried which was almost all of them except for Edwardo's, Papa John's and Carlucci's. And hat's off to Father & Son which served a dessert pizza I almost voted for, it was ridiculously Monte-licious!! I even ate a piece that fell on the floor it was so good!

Thanks to my buddy Carl for the invite and I was happy to meet the organizers of the event (Ilyse Strongin-Bombicino & Alyse Burman), who were both beautiful!! By the way, there were over 800 people in attendance by 6:30 p.m. and the money goes to a good cause, EDUCATION! Donations went to the 219 Education Foundation.

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