Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chilaquiles so easy even I can make em. That means you can too! ; )

We are going to make Chilaquiles, an easy and delicious Mexican breakfast!You will need tortilla chips, whichever you like best, and you will need salsa, whichever you like best.

After you have begun to heat the salsa add the chips. super easy, right?                                                             
Atop a medium flame stir the chips around so they are completely covered/smothered in the salsa and you will want to stir them until they are sorta soft. You can make them super soft or crunchier depending on what you prefer. The longer you stir em the softer they will get. I go super soft because I like things to be soft like baby food, which I love.

After the chips reach your desired crunchy or non-crunchyness put em on a plate

then get your egg. I recommend farm fresh eggs.

Then put a little oil in the pan that you just stewed your chips in and fry it sunny side up.

Put a lid on it and let it sit so it steams the egg and cooks it all the way through so it's not slimy.                                    
You will then toss it on top of your stewed chips. Look at how perfect the egg turned out and look at how pretty it looks!

Then crack that mother _______ atop of your chips and go to town. Let me mention that traditional chilaquiles would have the chips smothered in cheese that would then be melted atop of the chips and the egg would be placed atop of all of that. That is the traditional way to do it but i am lactose intolerant and these are equally as Montalicious.

Then it is time to taste what you have worked so easily for

and damn is it good!

Really freakin good!

I mean c'mon, just look at my inner child comin out

and if it's good.....'s gone!!

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