Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You've been searching, I found it! (Thanks to JP)

           If you see this ^ yer there!      
This is the inside and this is JP, he brought me here, that is a friend!

Liver ball soup! Tender and full of flavor.

Pork combo: tenderloin and fried/schnitzel. Comes with mashed potatoes, gravy, the soup, which you saw, a vegetable, dessert (yes dessert is included) and bread & butter.

Look at how comforting this meal looks! It's a hug on a plate!!

So happy here I could kiss you.

Look at me go! Eat It!!!

Takin it down! Monte-licious!!!

So good, I may even eat the fork!

All gone! Now for the veggie portion of the meal.

Eat yer veggies! Even the orange ones.

Takin em in like a champ!

Look at the menu and those Amazing Prices!! Roast duck for under $15.00???!!! What??

And it comes with dessert?! Yup.

$8.00 per person for a ridiculous and delicious amount of food! That is a good meal at a good deal! Check this place out, it is worth the trip from the city. BTW,  fuckin "Wendy's" recently stole my tag line (Good meal at a good deal!) in one of their commercials!!! Bastards!!!!!

This place was so good I went back the next day with these two jerks... Beauty & The Beast! ; )

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