Thursday, March 7, 2013

Edzo's Burger Shop! Go for the fries!!!! Burger too.

Edzo's is mostly known for their burgers, which are amazing! But they also have fresh cut fries that they have many topping for. They have Lobster Fries, Garlic and Butter fries, Buffalo Fries, and many others. But so far my favorite fries are the TAYLOR STREET FRIES or as I used to call them as a kid, "Gravy Fries!" They are fresh cut and loaded with Italian Beef Au Jus and smothered in a mix of Giardiniera Peppers, a Chicago favorite.
This is Edzo's Burger Shop in Lincoln Park at
2218 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 697-9909

Here is a peak at the working kitchen/grill. You can't see him, but a very good friend of mine, Thom Thunder, is currently the manager at this location. That is not why I chose Edzo's to feature, I have liked Edzo's since my jerk friend, Steve Gadlin, brought me here (to the Evanston location) years ago! I have just been slow and lazy.

Look at that! A shish kabob on a fork of some seriously Monte-licious fries!

A nice close up of the belly of the beast! There are peppers in there, cauliflower, celery, carrots, seasonings, etc. So freakin good!

Look... It's like a veggie tray with fries!

The menu. What you can't see and needs to be noted is that they have hamburger meat options!!! You can have regular burger meat or farm fresh grass fed burger meat! I always go for the grass fed! Always!

And last but certainly not least... SHAKES AND MALTS! Made by "Omar!" He wasn't there when I was shooting these pics, but he is the man when it comes to making some of the best Shakes/Malts I have ever had!

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