Friday, March 22, 2013

OMG! PEEPS! And they're made fresh without all the crappy chemicals! Where can you get them.....?

Boom! PEEPS! Made fresh and without all the bologna chemicals at Pleasant House Bakery in Chicago's beautiful up & coming hood known as Bridgeport. 964 W 31st St, Chicago, IL 60608, to be exact! Besides the PEEPS if you live in Chicago and you haven't been there for a lunch or dinner yet, yer doin yerself a disservice. You need to eat there! But back to the PEEPS at hand! I love Peeps always have, but now as an adult I know that they're made up completely of chemical BS so I rarely eat them anymore. That's not a good thing. So when I saw a pic of these cute, fluffy little marshmallow treats on Facebook yesterday (March 21st., 2013) from one of my favorite places to eat, Pleasant House Bakery, I had to go and try em. I originally bought 6, but 3 met a cruel fate on the way back to my house. Oh well. These PEEPS are made with all natural, and if not all organic ingredients. And Guess what flavor they are? They are, get this, ROSE flavored!! So freakin Monte-licious! And weirdly sexy for a PEEP flavor.

I call this one Pinky Peepsadero, like Pinky Tuscadero from Happy Days! She is about to meet the same cruel fate her 3 sisters met on the way to my house. Let's watch as her fate unfolds.....
There she is, Pinky Peepsadero, lookin so pretty, fluffy and feelin squishy with her sweet scent of Rose in the air. Who doesn't love the sweet scent of Rose??

It appears the giant in the background is about to take Pinky to meet her sisters.

Correct! I knew my every step! ; ) Pinky has met her fate! And what a delicious ending it is turning out to be, people!

I could not be happier here taking in her final end piece. So good and satisfying.

Look at that face. That is a happy, happy man! The PEEPS are that good. When you eat one you will more than likely feel like you owe me a hug. I will accept. I will accept.


Lisa Neal said...

I LOVE peeps! Eating a chocolate covered one right now! And my husband and I are going to visit Chicago for the first time next month. I hope you have some other great venues we should try. Must do hot dogs and pizza...but where.
and I hope those peeps aren't seasonal!

Monte said...

Ha! Glad you like the post about peeps! They are seasonal, sad face. But The Pleasant House Bakery is a great visit with or without the peeps! They make "Royal Pies" (pasties) that are some of the best, and their gravy fries smothered in cheese and steak!! So freakin delicious!

If you want more suggestions, I have em! Like a Jibarito from Cafe Central on Chicago Ave. is a great choice! Or Barnaby's Pizza for thin crust or Pequods for pan pizza with a caramelized crust. Or Johnnies Beef on North Ave. for a combo (that's italian beef & italian sausage in 1 sandwich). Or Jimmy's Red Hots on Grand & Pulaski. The Birchwood, after 5 p.m. for a burger, or The Brown Sack for a pulled pork or slopppy joe. The list goes on, and on.....