Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A little bit of heaven in the shape of a sweet ass, baked halo! Or the best French Cruller, ever!*

Reuter's Bakery at 7177 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60707 is home to easily one of the most Monte-licious French Crullers you could ever hope to sink yer teeth in too! *You must get them first thing in the a.m. to insure maximum awesomeness!

Packaging my half dozen, to be eaten the same day.
Here they are in all their glory, the Frizzity-French Crullers!!

A little bit of a close up for ya.
I can't wait, I am eating them in my car.

Just look at me go..

..and go

And gone!

A look on the inside, so you can see how airy and fluffy the doughnut is, so freakin good!
Look at the "leaning tower of jerk" in the way of my beautiful pic.
Here is some bread, if you like bread you will like their bread.
Yummy, yummy! Can you name all the donuts here?

Look at this old school "takacheck." One push on the lever and you get a number!        

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