Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Home-Made meal that is Delicious and still under $6? In the year 2013?!! And it's a lot of food?! Hell yes!!

This is the $5.95 "Roast Turkey Special" from Ted's Snack Shop in Evanston, Il. at 1824 Crain St The address says Crain, but it's right on the corner of Crain and Dodge (in Evanston)/California (in Chicago). Look at all that white and dark meat on that plate, ridiculous amounts for $5.95! Plus a scoop of fresh, not box, mashed potatoes and some corn, plus a slice of canned cranberry!! What a deal! Not to mention the meal was Monte-licious! The turkey was meaty and juicy, the gravy wasn't too salty or overwhelming and the potatoes were creamy & smooth.

I have to mix my potatoes and corn together before I eat them, it's what I do. I need the combo sensation together in my mouth all at one time.

See? I got it all together here. The potatoes and corn sorta glue the meat to it so it stays together long enough to make it into my mouth.I look like a total jerk in this pic upon further review. What else is new, right?


Gotta get it all in there.

Almost all in....

There it goes! I barely even chew it!

There is Ted's, if you see this^^^^^ you found it

The inside is small, clean and cozy! Neat too!

There is the "specials" board, they change daily. Every Thursday is Turkey, every other Wednesday is breaded and fried pork chops!! Yiy, Yiiiyyy!!!

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