Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Chicken Roti is my friend.

This is Gloria's Caribbean Cuisine in Brooklyn and I love this place! I only ate here one time on the recommendation of my good friend, Noel. It took us about 30 to 40 min to get here from Manhattan but it was well worth it! first, let me get the details outta the way: 764 Nostrand Ave
(between Sterling Pl & St Johns Pl)
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Neighborhood: Crown Heights
And this is what we came for... the Roti! The Roti is very similar to a wrap or burrito, but the wrap is made from a "wholemeal flour" or "atta flour" and at Gloria's it's filled with your choice of spiced meats: goat, beef, chicken, etc. I got the chicken! and I made the right choice.
Look under the hood of this mean machine. Nice and tender chunks of juicy white meat chicken smothered and stewed in Caribbean spices.

Front and center! Ready to take down some Roti!

Feedin it in like a true hero!

Look how good I can make anything look.

I am the man! And the Roti is Monte-licious! I told the guy running the place that if I lived near them that they would get to know me very well.

Interior shot. It's not very big and the seating is slightly uncomfortable. But the bathroom was really clean! And that is always a good sign!

The Roti and the meat options

The guy bendin over is the guy I said "you'd get to know me if i lived here" and behind him is a row of Roti's waitin to get to their hungry fans.

They also have Caribbean breakfast options which I heard are really good.

And if you want some music you can purchase some from a table right by the door as you enter or exit. And no to worry about what's on the CD, it is playing at a decent volume in the background in the place. I can guarantee I will be back at Gloria's the very next time I am in NY for a visit. You can count on that 100%!

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