Saturday, September 3, 2011

If you are here from the commercial you saw this evening....

thank you for checkin out my blog. And thank you for making it worth my freakin donation to DSTW.

This is a food blog for foodies, and yer beginner food appreciater. My goal is to give you good tips on where, and what to eat when you to that special spot I have found, or have been tipped off to.

check out the spots, send me suggestions to yer favorite spots, no matter where they are. I travel for the love of food. And please, if you dig my blog, become a follower of the blog.

Thanks for checkin out my blog, at this hour you could be checkin out porn... but yer here, and I love you for taking the time. Well, not literal Love, but the appreciative love you have in someone who digs yer passion.

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