Sunday, November 27, 2011

Great, currently untapped, weekend brunch! Mixteco!

chicken, tortilla soup

yer hero

huevos el bajio

first opening into the poached eggs

full look on the inside. poached egg, chorizo, and corn masa boat, smothered in a creamy poblano sauce


moms making fresh tortilla shells. how beautiful is she while she's working?

there's even an entrance for pets!

Mixteco Grill at 1601 W. Montrose Ave. in Lakeview is mostly known for their excellent, delicious Mexican dinners. They make amazing pork chops!! But they have begun to serve brunch on the weekends, not the weekdays! And they're brunch specialties are Monte-licious!!

They have Huevos & Chorizo, Chilaquiles, but the last two times I went, I had the Huevos El Bajio! These are poached eggs, which I love, served in a philo dough like, corn masa boat, smothered in a creamy poblano sauce, and topped off with a savory, and juicy chorizo. Some of the best chorizo I have eaten in months! Not greasy, cheap, full of fat and grisel, but tender, juicy, and full of spicy flavor that I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy. If not, well.... that would change the dynamic of our relationship. Just sayin.

They also make fresh corn tortilla shells, they are not from a factory, nor are their chips. and they have fresh squeezed oj, and pretty good coffee. And the dinners are unlike most any other Mexican spot within miles!

These jerks are closed on Mondays, and don't open till 5 p.m. week nights. And now they are open at 10, or 10:30 a.m. on the weekends, until 2 p.m. to serve you up a superb brunch! And there is currently no line, or wait for a table.

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