Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chocolate Souffle! First time you make it, it'll be perfect. I hope.

 I recently learned how to make a chocolate souffle from my friend Michael Sanchez. Quick side note, I bought the chocolate bars with 5 bucks I won from a foolish bet Mike made with me, that I knew I was gonna win. It actually made it taste better. My wife and I could both taste the winning in the ingredients. Anyway... This looked so easy, and delicious, i had to make it myself. My first try, complete success, and easy. I also learned how to improve on a few things. And now I will tell, and show you through pics. how to make a creamy, warm, chocolatey, molten chocolate souffle. Mike said it, but I was thinking it immediately, male or female, no one can succumb to the charms of this meal. If you wanna guarantee some action after a date, make this for yer favorite guy, or girl, and unless they have no pulse, you will be gettin laid. And if not, and yer a hot chick, try me. Eye winking, with smiley face. Here it be, good luck...
you will need one 3.5 ounce bitter sweet chocolate bar
butter to coat baking dish

sugar, it's most of what you need. the recipe calls for 3/4 cup. here is my improvement; less than halfa cuppa sugar.

ghetto double cooker to melt chocolate, and sugar together

here is where you use the butter, to coat whatever you bake yer souffle in. coat it in butter

then coat it in sugar that you use from what yer using to prepare souffle. you don't need extra sugar

break up the chocolate bar

put chocolate in ghetto double cooker, this prevents burning of chocolate, and allows a slower cook

mix half of the sugar you have into the chocolate

stir in the sugar till smooth

it should look like this, when it does, move on to the eggs

you will need 3 eggs. and to separate the yolks from the whites

look at how easy it is to separate the white of the egg from the yellow. even an ape can do it

separated, like my friends parents

mix remaining sugar into the yellow (yolks) and stir

stir till it looks completely mixed, and smooth

now mix the egg whites till they peak, like a giant meringue

now mix the chocolate, slowly into the egg yellow (yolks)

mix in till it gets smooth and creamy

when the chocolate is mixed in fully with the yolks, add the eggs whites. fold in the egg whites. do not mix. folding means you just mix lightly from under to the top. you are folding it lightly together to keep the fluff of the egg whites.

i didn't mix it to smoothly, but the clumpy parts of white are like a neat little smores treat within the souffle, improvement number two. pour the mix into the butter, and sugar coated baking bowl. bake at 350 for 20 to 25 min.

it should look like this before you pop it into the oven

this is how put things in ovens. pre heat the oven for ten minutes. i forgot to mention that.

fresh out

proud papa

look at my chocolate baby

cut in

fork it out

make sure get the molten chocolatey parts, those are best next to the fluffy egg white clumps

look at the inside of that. molten, chocolatey, smooth sweetness for you. enjoy. and if you don't, i don't wanna hear about it.

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