Thursday, December 29, 2011

Been to Cuba lately? Cuba City, Wisconsin for Prime Rib?! Check it!!!

I love Supper Clubs. I think one of my favorite places to sit down for a meal is at a supper club. It always feels classy and grown up. Wisconsin is full of em, and I found a great one in Cuba City, Wisconsin. For Illinoisans, this is 20/30 mins. from Galena, in the upper western tip of Illinois. We go to visit a good friend Jimmy Berg out there as often as possible. He plays almost every night in one great band or another. He also turns us on to good food while we visit. This place was one of his most recent selections. My wife found it on the internet as well, but his blessings locked it in as a pick. And are we glad we went. Not only was the food great, but the people were amazing. We met the owner (super nice), a lovely couple (Tony & Donna), and happened to be there the night of a H.S. reunion. So it was a great night at Red's top to bottom. Plus the waitresses were mostly make loveable. Let's check out the FOOD!!!

Any supper club worth it's weight will have enough food on the table for free that you technically shouldn't even have to order dinner. But you will!!!!!!! Here we have a bread basket that also has two cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls for dinner. YES! You also get crackers, and veggie plate.

Dipping sauces also come complimentary. Here we have a cheese dip, ham salad, and a dill dip. All were delicious!

Buns!! Rolls!! Boobs!!! What?!!!!

Standard supper club veggie plate. Always comes with pickles.

Crackers, get off my front lawn!

Creamy cole slaw that was creamy. And extremely tasty.


The (Optimus) Prime Rib, with Lobster Tail!! It was ridiculous. The prime rib was tender, juicy, and meaty. The lobster tail was fresh, and flavorful. Both were cooked to perfection.

I got the Rib Dinner, and for my potatoes I got the camping style potatoes. They came wrapped in foil seasoned lightly in salt, pepper, and olive oil. This was the real deal. The potatoes tasted exactly the same as when I camp, you can't go wrong.

The Ribs!! Pork ribs. Very meaty, tender, and they fall off the bone. With a pinch of help. The sauce was mild, and slightly sweet.

The place was so good, we went back the next day for breakfast. We both got the pork chops and eggs. The chops were thick, and savory. The poached eggs were soft, all the way cooked through and full of life. They had shredded hash browns, and american cut hash browns. Above are the american.

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