Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mac Arthur’s fine southern cuisine for meatloaf!!!

spot: Mac Arthur’s
food type: Fine Southern Cuisine/Soul Food
address/info.: 5412 W. Madison Street 1-773-261-2316
neighborhood: Austin, Baby! West Siiiiiide!!!!!

Mac Arthur’s fine southern cuisine for meatloaf!!!

Everyone always wants to know; where can I find a good meatloaf? And the answer is: Mac Arthurs!!!
No joke, Mac Arthur’s, hands down, has some of the best meatloaf you can find. Ya see, my mom loves meatloaf, but me, I used to hate it when I was a kid. I hated meatloaf!!! Can you believe that?! Probably because I never had good meatloaf. Anyway, I was looking for a great meatloaf for my mother, and for years, I am ashamed to say, I was getting meatloaf from “Boston Market” for my mom. It’s actually not that bad, I shouldn’t be ashamed.
During my search, I never even considered Mac Arthur’s, and I had been goin’ there for years. I was caught up in the smothered chicken, and smothered pork chops for a loooong time. And believe me, the chops are simply “Monte-licious!” But the other reason was that they serve different meals on different days, so I must’ve just been missin’ the meatloaf days. Let me explain, it’s a soup kitchen style spot, so all the food is prepared for you before you get there, sitting in steam trays and ready to go for you immediately. All you do is point and pay.
So for years I was just missin’ meatloaf day. And how could I? Meatloaf day is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. How in the world did I miss that?! Well, I did. Until one day I showed up on a Monday. And that was it. There has been no turning back since.
The meatloaf at Mac Arthur’s is Superb!! It is super delicious, I mean it is really full of flavor , and you get a huge portion! Plus, you get yer choice of two sides, and with soul food, the options are endless and “Monte-riffic!” They have everything from mac n’ cheese to lima beans, to collard greens, and mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, etc. the list goes on, and on. And every one of them is as tasty as the next, but I must recommend the mac n’ cheese and the lima beans. Or the mashed potatoes, yams, black beans, etc. and I better not forget, two of the best desserts ever; Banana Pudding (with vanilla wafers), and the Peach Cobbler!!!! I could kiss you!
Now as far as the neighborhood, not necessarily the safest, it’s out on the west side, but it’s safe at Mac Arthur’s, and it genuinely has a family feel.

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MzChiCity said...

Yup MacArthur's has some good food. I never tried the meatloaf though so I will give it a shot. Have you ever tried other soul food restaraunts besides this? How about Priscilla's off Mannehim in the burbs?