Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why I love/push BROCCOLI so much.

Why I love/push Broccoli so much.

I call it, Broccoli, the “Super Food” at the end of each and every one of my shows. And for a very good reason, it is!! Broccoli is single handedly one of the best things you can put into your body. Next to a candy bar or a hot dog from “jimmy’s.”
Broccoli is literally loaded with over 20 different varieties of nutrients combining all together to make it the “Super Food!”
Broccoli is best for you when eaten raw, that way you get everything out of it that it has to offer. But most people say they hate raw broccoli, and for those, I have two fixes:
1. Since it is best for you raw, my first tip keeps it raw. I suggest cut up into very small, really incredibly small pieces, and toss it in yer favorite salad. When it’s cut up super tiny like that, and mixed in with a salad and the dressing, you will barely taste it, and you will get all of it’s goodness in yer belly. And the more you can eat, the better.
2. Steam it. If you must cook it, steaming it is the best. I recommend no longer than 2 to 2 ½ minutes. No longer. Seriously. And I recommend a pinch of salt in the water, just a pinch. I hear it helps to keep the nutrients in the broccoli as best as possible while being steamed. You don’t wanna see super green water. The greener the water, the more you lost.
Another important thing to know is to eat the stalk. The stalk is very stringy, and fully of fiber. You will have the best movements after eating a good amount of stalk.
I have to mention another, and probably one of the best and most important things about broccoli: Gas. It will probably give you a good case of bad gas, which is great! It is especially great for parties, or any other social event. My wife knows, when we gotta go public, I eat lots of broccoli. Nothing says “hello” like some good quality stinkers at a party. And I am the king of droppin’ out some stealthy bombs at social events.
So remember, eat yer broccoli! It’s the “Super food” and it’s loaded with all sorts of stuff like B vitamins, potassium, and fiber just to name a few. I once read that Michael Phelps eats broccoli by the truckload, and look at him. 8 gold medals! Broccoli!


Meatless Man said...

Hmmm....I may just start invest in some broccoli in 2010. I also recommend eating spinach raw too. Cooking veggies too long may actually extract important nutrients from them.

I also may start looking into the new "raw foods" theory. Have you heard about this yet Monte?


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