Monday, December 7, 2009

Let's go to "Chinese Friend" for Mexican!

spot: Amigo Chino (Chinese Friend!)
food type: Mexican Homey!
address/info.: 5601 W. Irving Pk. 1-773-685-4374
neighborhood: Portage Pk.

Chinese Friend for Mexican!!!

Ok, if you haven’t noticed it by now, Mexican food is probably my favorite, most regularly eaten food type. It’s usually inexpensive and it’s usually really good, if not great at most spots in the city. And Amigo Chino is one of the best!
I got turned on to this spot by a buddy of mine who said to me: “ Monte, you gotta try the chilaquiles at this place on Irving by Portage Park, it’s the bomb yo!!” With a recommendation like that, how could I not go?
Well I did, and boy was he right! The chilaquiles there are the bomb yo!!! Monte-licious! 100% And they may be largest order of chilaquiles I have ever seen/eaten in my life!!! No joke, one order can feed at least, and I mean at least, 2 adults and 2-3 children. For real!! And one order is under $7.00 total!
Now if yer not familiar with “Chilaquiles”, which are pretty simple, yer about to be. They are just corn chips, and not Fritos, but the kind you get at a Mexican restaurant, smothered and stewed in a red or green sauce. Then they are topped with loads of cheese, typically queso freso, and they are also served with eggs and some rice n’ beans and sour cream. Doesn’t that sound delicious?!!!!! And at Amigo Chino, they are super “Monte-riffic!”
The order is so huge, that is served on a huge cast iron tray/skillet on top of a plank of wood! It even looks impressive. And every other meal I have had there is ridiculously huge and inexpensive. And the waitresses aren’t bad lookin’ at all. My one friend is actually in “love” with one of the waitresses that works there. Check it yo!
Oh.. they also have stuffed animal heads all over the place, goats, alligators, etc.


Thee Erin said...

Stuffed animal heads all over the place?

I'm so there.

SH[U]RN GROUP said...

Hey Monte, love what you're doing.

All the best!


creator & founder of

Monte said...

thanks jay! checked out yer site n' blog, it's really cool! i like what yer doin', looks good! if only i had the will power!!!

MzChiCity said...

Hey I've been here since its right around the corner from my house and I wasn't impressed. But....what you tried sounds real good so I think I might head there Friday night for a try.