Monday, November 23, 2009

Take it in the chin at "Pita Inn!"

spot: Pita Inn
address/info.: 3910 Dempster St. (1-847) 677-0211
food type: Mediterranean Cuisine
neighborhood: Skokie, Illinois safe suburb just north of Chicago

Pitas Inns!!!!

I love me some Pita Inn yo! This place is as tasty as it gets! They have delicious chicken shwarma (like a gyro, but with chicken meat), kefta kabob (ground beef kabob), falafel etc. you get the picture.
They have a "Business Special" lunch for just $4.95 that comes with enough food for two people. Not people my size, but Two normal size people with a healthy B.M.I. unlike me. 42% B.M.I. I should be gone by next week.
I recommend the "Chicken Shawarma" entree, it's "Monte-Riffic!" It comes with a healthy amount of absolutely delicious chicken shwarma, which is puled chicken, seasoned and slow cooked on a spit. So darn good! With some yellow rice, and a side salad. I also suggest you get some tahini sauce to spill all over yer food.
Tahini sauce is basically just sesame seeds ground into a smooth sauce. So not only is it tasty, but it's not bad for you.
There is not one cute waitress at "Pita Inn", it's all dudes workin there. Bummer! But the food is good, and the dessert, Kinaffa, which is a custard sweetened cheese, topped with shredded wheat and honey. And it is "Monte-Licious!"
Hope to see you there one day!


Thee Erin said...

I heart "Chicken Shawarma"

Justine B said...

Just saw you on TV. Awesome blog! You taught my class improv @ LPHS. I have always wanted to find you and thank you for that. So here goes, THANK YOU.

Josh said...

Been there a hundred times. Such a hidden gem. SOOOO great.