Monday, November 16, 2009

Your introduction to Indian/Pakistani food!!!!!!

spot: Shera Punjab
address info.: 2525 W. Devon Ave. 773-262-2080
food type: Indian/Pakistani
neighborhood: West Ridge

i love buffets, and Shera punjab is one of my all time favorite indian buffets! you may or may not be familiar with indian food, and if yer not, buffet is the way to go. and if you are, buffet is the way to go.
i love em for the obvious reason of unlimited eating, and unlimited food choices. and like i mentioned before, if you are new to indian food, this is the best way to go, you get to try a little of everything to find out what you like best. and indian food is nothing to be scared of, it's made up of all the same things you love in other food types like mexican or italian (meats, rice, bread).
indian food consists of all the basics; chicken, beef, lamb, rice, veggies and tasty sauces and seasonings like curry and cumin. and if you love it spicy you will love indian.
in my opinion, the safe way to start is with either chicken biryani (chicken and rice), samosas (basically a deep fried empanada), butter chicken (chicken in a slightly spicy butter n' tomatoe sauce, soooo good!)and tandoori chicken (seasoned and baked chicken). these are easy foods to start with, they give you a good introduction into the flavors and spices of indian/pakistani food.
i especially love the tandoori chicken at shera punjab, and the chana masala (chick peas in a spicy sauce), "Monte-licious!"
go check it out, and have a good time eating some indian specialties. i hope to see you there one day.

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