Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monte on Wciu, in a U.S. Cellular commercial, and a map for all my spots!!!!!

Check it out everybody, my foodie segment airs/aired today on WCIU as part of their new morning show, "You & Me This Morning." Plus today my new U.S. Cellular commercial airs on t.v. stations all over the Chicago land area!! And I have attached a link in my "links" section just over to the left that will show you where all my spots are!!!!

Also, post yer suggestions in my comments for places you think I should be eating at! I can use all the help you can give. such a long email address!


Karyn said...

In your commercial do you know if the man riding the train is from Sleepy Hollow Illinois? My husband and I just saw you on check please and then saw your cool commercial. We like reading about foodies and like your website. We like your fun approach to low-key restaurants that all look really good!

Monte said...

actually, i have no idea who that guy is, but i like it! glad you checked out my blog, and that you dig it.

Thee Erin said...

Dig your commercial Mont-man!

Eric said...
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Eric said...

If you're looking for the best sandwich you gotta go to Zenwich!
It's a new sandwich shop in Elmhurst. They serve new kind of sandwich with an asian twist. I have tried every single item on their menu and everything is amazing. My favorites are Mu Ping (Grilled caramalized pork), Chicken Satay, and Pork Katsu (Japanese style fried pork).
Check out their menu and pictures on their website at
You gotta go there, you will not regret it.

Monte said...

thanks eric! i checked out their menu and it looks great!