Saturday, November 7, 2009

Steak n' Eggs Benedict at it's finest!!!

Spot: Orange
Food type: Contempary Brunch
Address info.: 2011 W. Roscoe 773-248-0999
Neighborhood: Roscoe Village/Hipster area

A breakfast for champions!

Ok, Orange is not the typical place I usually dine, it’s a bit pricier than the places I hit, and it’s a very hip crowd. And me, I’m not a hip person. But let me tell ya, Orange is the sh*t homey!!!!

So far everything I have had there is excellent! But the meal I have been getting the last three times I was there is the Steak n’ Eggs Benedict, and as the menu describes it:

Thick sliced brioche bread topped with char-grilled beef tenderloin, poached eggs, hollandaise and drizzled with balsamic reduction.
They forget to mention in the menu that it comes with mashed potatoes!

And seriously, this is one the best eggs benedict dishes I have ever eatin, every bite is “Monte-licious!” till the last bites of mashed potatoes soaked in all the remaining steak, egg, and hollandaise juices/sauce on the plate. This meal is a total plate licker!

They also have excellent freshly squeezed juices, orange infused coffee, and one their most special treats: Fruishi! A fruit sushi, it is frickin amazing!!!! And as I like to mention, super cute waitresses. Super cute. And I always see a lot of “Cougars” there. ; )

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