Friday, November 20, 2009

ISSS time to go to FREDDIE'S Yo!!!!!!

spot: Freddie's!
address/info.: 701 W 31st street 1-312-808-0147
food type: Italian/American
neighborhood: Bridgeport SOUTH SIDE!!!!! Soxxies!!

Freddie's is one of the best spots to get a really huge sandwich at reasonable price with a mountain of flavor. Freddie's is a little family-run, sandwich stand on the southwest corner of 31st. and Union in lovely Bridgeport.

Freddie's is my favorite place to get a breaded steak sandwich. What is a breaded steak sandwich? Good question. At Freddie's it's a massive piece of rib eye steak breaded in Italian breadcrumbs and seasonings. Then it's deep fried to a wonderfully crispy golden brown where it is then placed into a soft 8-to-12 inch bun and then smothered in Freddie's own marinara sauce.

It is so good, you will want to hug me!.

If you like cheese -- which I do, but my stomach won't have it -- you can order melted mozzarella cheese on top of the entire sandwich.

This sandwich is so huge that the bag actually has some weight to it; so you'll need to work out a little before you go.

Freddie's offers more than a great menu. They open their patio during warm months - which attracts cute girls -- an exquisite perk.

Freddie's also makes an awesome Italian beef sandwich and a great Italian sausage sandwich. The Italian sausage is so long when they put it in the bun they have to cut it in half. It's like two sandwiches in one. Score. It's char grilled to perfection.

Did I mention Freddie's has a char grill? Everything tastes good on a grill. They make a superb grilled burger and a plain -- not breaded -- grilled rib eye steak sandwich. Sound good? I'm not done.

For the peeps watching their figures, Freddie's makes half-size sandwiches at half the price -- perfect for the tight budget.

Even though my intolerant stomach, I have to mention they make pizza slices. A slice is the way to go, because they're already cooked. Instant gratification. Seriously, they're the size of a small pizza and cost only $2.66 for cheese and $2.88 for sausage. That beat's spending $10 for an entire pizza.

Now for a little something sweet to whet your pallet & At Freddie's they make some of the best lemon-flavored Italian ice in the city -- better than Mario's on Taylor Street in my opinion. Freddie's is the spot for ice.

Freddie's has tons of other stuff from hot dogs to salads, appetizers, tamales, soup, chili and one of my childhood favorites: GRAVY BREAD. Gravy bread is a sliced piece of Italian bread soaked in beef gravy and then eaten with a fork. MONTE-RIFFIC!

Check out this place. It's a Chicago treasure. Almost all their sandwiches clock in at around $5 a piece. You can't beat the price, because unless you're an animal like I am, you're sure to have leftovers.


some of the prices have changed since i wrote this, but not by to much, it is still really inexpensive.


Ushie said...

I go to about 25 Sox games a season and haven't been here. Shame on me!

I've been dying to text you to ask if you have a facebook fan page, but I'm a USC employee, they asked us not to contact the number :(

PS - Love the "Soxxies" comment :-)

Monte said...

ha! you can drop me an email, or send me yours. i'm fine with that!

Jeremy said...


I saw the US Cellular commercial for the first time over the weekend. I don't know how long it's been out, but that's pretty fuckin cool.

Keep it up.