Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jimmy's Hot Dog!!! [[said like a gang slogan]]

spot: Jimmy's Hot Dogs
address/info.: 4000 W. Grand Ave. 1-773-384-9513
food type: HOT DOGS!!!! [said like a gang slogan]
neighborhood: Humboldt Park/Logan Square

All right, for me I love a skinny hot dog so I am gonna tell you about one of my favorite childhood hot dog stands in the city. Jimmy's Red Hots (that’s right the one and only Jimmy's) on the corner of Grand Ave. & Pulaski(kinda crappy neighborhood but safe hot dog stand).
Jimmy's is a Chicago classic and has been in the same location serving nothing but hot dogs , polish's, fries and tamales and no ketchup ever since March 1954. If you like what I like than get ready you are gonna like Jimmy's a lot.
First, lets start with the hot dog shall we(actually that’s all I’m gonna talk about). Jimmy's serves nothing but the best hot dogs from Chicago's very own Vienna Beef. They use dogs in the case(I love hot dogs in the case, that's what gives em’ that snap when you bite into em).
The hot dogs are prepared by being dropped into huge ceramic crocks filled with hot water and as soon as they rise to the top which only takes a matter of minutes vwaa laa they are done.
After that they are gently placed into a steamed plain bun then topped with your choice of mustard, onions, relish and or sport peppers and as I said before No Ketchup Ever! They also come with a massive amount of fresh cut fries, but you gotta get em’ well done or they will sag like a wet noodle(gross).
I get the dog plain and put the little crispy crunchy pieces of fries on top of it for that extra crunch and flavor.
They also have great tamales and polish sausage and that’s it, well they have soda pop and lemon ade too but...
Now how much does all this splendor cost? The dogs are under $2.00(still), with the fries! Usually there is a line but it moves very quickly and the only place to eat is at a counter by the window where you can only stand and it’s only 3 feet away from the line, Boooo!(I usually just eat on my car, even in the winter).
After you pay the if you get any coins for change they will feel very warm because the cash register is by the hot dog crocks. So go check Jimmy's Red Hots out it’s Monte-Riffic! Also after you eat, get the hell outta that neighborhood!

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