Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thin n' Greasy!!!

spot: Diner Grill
food type: Diner/Basic American
address/info.: 1635 W. Irving Pk. Rd. 773-248-2030
neighborhood: Lakeview/but not really the nice part

Why I love the burger at the Diner Grill

I love skinny hot dogs, very thin pizza crust and thin greasy bacon hamburgers. The Diner Grill on Irving near Ashland is probably the best place for the the thinnest greasiest bacon burger around. First they have a nice flat grill with what appears to be a tiny coffee pot that sits on the grill filled with lard so it can stay hot and fluid long enough to be placed on the hash browns or grilled onions or whatever they need to lather in grease. which later will coagulate in your veins.
I like to order a bacon hamburger no cheese with grilled onions. Since they only have a counter, I like to sit right in front of the grill and watch them prepare my burger. Watchin the burger gand bacon n’ onions grill up is almost orgasmic. but we all know nothing really beats a babe!
Anyway, they place two pieces of bacon on the grill beneath an old school iron presser to keep the bacon from curling up. Then they put a bunch of onions on the grill lather them in the lard from the coffee pot (that’s where the flavor is) then they place the hamburger bun on top of the onions while they cook, oh boy is that the best, it steams the bun with greasy onion goodness. Monte-licious! Finally after a few moments they place the thinnest most wonderful round, ground burger on the grill, which because they are so thin, they grill up quickly and perfectly.
Soon after that comes the bottom of the bun on the grill for a quick toasting, and then you know your burgers almost done.
They put the bottom of the bun on the plate next to the cold lettuce, tomato and pickle. Then they scoop up the onions with the top of the bun on them and place that on top of the burger then slip it on the bottom bun. After that they lift the iron press where your bacon sits so cute and crispy lookin’, sittin in it’s own grease. Then they use a spatula to lift the bacon and apply it immediately to the burger where they don’t even drain the grease off. So good!
After all that they serve it to ya’ hot and ready to eat. I like to put the lettuce and pickle on with ketchup & mustard. It only takes me a few minutes to eat one of these, so sometimes I have to order another one halfway through the first.
From the first bite to the last bite, it drips with onion, bacon, ketchup, mustard and greasy goodness all around your face and on the plate. This is fun to lick off the corners of your mouth, plus I like to wipe my burger into the stuff that makes it onto the plate, there is alotta good taste in those drippings.
All this tasty goodness comes at under five bucks. This is why I love the burger at the diner grill. Well now I’m hungry so I gotta go get a burger. Oh shoot I almost forgot they serve you water in the “to go” cups which I love, it means I don’t have to worry about it being dirty.
And of cousre, they serve the world famous “Slinger.” Don’t ask, just eat! And if you do eat one, you get a certificate to prove that you ate one. Cool.

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