Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Changs!!!!!! B*tch!!! [[said like: "I'm Rick James, B*tch!"]]

spot: Changs
food type: Duh, Chinese
address: 3718 N. Elston ave. 773-588-6906(i have it saved in my cell phone)
neighborhood: Irving park east/Avondale

In the words of Rick James.... Changs, B*tch!!!

Just when I had all but almost given up on Chinese food my buddy invites me to lunch at Changs!
As soon as I walked in I knew I was in for treat. It smelled good and looked like it hadn’t been touched since the late seventies early eighties. It has old school Chinese paintings, red carpeting and it was cool to see those old school fringe style Chinese dragons hangin’ around. This spot is totally Americanized!

Anyway let me get to the food. Since everything I’ve tried there is excellent and I’ve tried everything from the "Moo Shu Chicken" to the #59 “Happy Family”(shrimp, scallops, beef, chicken and chinese vegetables) I’ll just list a few of my current favorites.

First I wanna mention the egg roll. They have an excellent crispy egg roll, it is so good, sometimes I feel like just ordering 4 of them and callin’ it a night. I am also big into anything there with vegetables, because their vegetables are so fresh, that they still have a snap to them after being cooked (still holding in nutrients). You really have to try the vegetable soup it is MONTE-RIFFIC! Even in the soup the vegetables have snap to them! Not to mention that the soup is loaded with huge veggie chunks of everything from broccoli to zucchini.

As for an entree, I am big into the vegetable or chicken "Egg Foo Young" with no msg. Again, the vegetables have a nice fresh crunch with every bite of the "veggie egg foo young. And the chicken in the "chicken egg foo young" is really fresh and they use all white meat. I have to admit, even though i like the brown gravy, it backs me up a little so I get on the side.

Most entrees are at or under $6.50, now that's "A Good Meal at a Good Deal!" Plus they have a bar if you like a little booze with yer food, and I love that you have to walk through beads to get to the bathroom. Old School.
I have to mention that if you show up early and it's the mom, the service will be slow, but if you wait till later in the day the owners son is the waiter. And he is easily one of the most prepared, professional waiters I’ve ever seen.

So go check out "Changs for Chinese."


Norwegian Nierling said...

where's the pictures?

Monte said...

they're up now.

MzChiCity said...

Hey thanks I was looking for a good Chinese restaurant in the city. I will have to check it out!