Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr. D's Shish - Kabobs, for the person who loves it off the char-grill!

click on the pics. for a larger more delicious view!

Mr. D's Shish - Kabobs located at 6656 W. Diversey - right by the Brickyard Mall, which i used to hang out at when i was a kid. it was actually a lot of fun too!

Mr. D's is an excellent choice for char-grilled steak sandwiches, shish-kabobs, and hamburgers. really everything at D's is good. and if he's feeling sociable, which he usually is, Mike, the owner (D) with a raspy, scratchy voice, is totally unique and interesting.

but one of the real secret weapons are his stewed/grilled onions. they are the best! if you like onions that is. they're super soft like baby food, and have been marinated/seasoned in lots of wonderful spices for what tastes like an eternity. they are soooooo good. to me. a must have on anything you choose to get. plus, he still makes his own fresh cut fries!

i've been going there since i was kid with my cousins. when we were kids, D would hook us up by leaving food at the door if he was closing and we called to late. he'd let us just pay him next time we came in. that was an excellent perk too! but we lost it, my cousin got arrested and went to prison for years. ended the whole thing. whatta jerk. my cousin.

go to Mr.D's, it's "Monte-licious!"

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