Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Come for the Steak & Eggs, stay for neighborhood.

spot: Johnny’s Grill
address/info.: 2545 N. Kedzie Blvd. 773-278-2215
food type: Basic Diner Food e.g. breakfast, burgers, soup, etc.
neighborhood: Logan Square

Come for the Steak & Eggs, stay for neighborhood.

Johnny’s Grill is a Logan Square Treasure. It’s a great little diner in the middle of one of the more “Hipster” neighborhoods in Chicago. Surrounded by some swanky little food spots “Johnny’s Grill” holds down the corner just fine with excellent steak & eggs, and delicious waffles & burgers.
This place has been around for years!! Just how many, I am not totally sure, but I have been eating there for over 15 years! And the cook who is there during the morning shift, the large Spanish guy who stands with his hands at his hips while he’s resting, has been there as long as I’ve been going there. And in my opinion, he makes some of the best skirt & eggs I have ever had. And I’ve had it at a lot of places.
To me, there’s nothing greater then sitting at the counter watching a beautiful piece of skirt steak fry up under a heavy iron weight. And at “Johnny’s” I can sit and stare all day. That steak looks so freakin “Monte-licious” with all the oregano, pepper, and other assorted spices on top of it while it’s cracklin up from being fried. And the aroma it releases while cookin up…. I wish I could eat the air it smells so good! Then it comes with three eggs, hash browns & toast. And I like to let the juices from the freshly fried steak soak into the hash browns, then I break the over easy eggs into the hash browns and mix it all together. Sooooo good!!
And after you’ve had this amazing breakfast, if you like, you ca walk around the Blvd. and check out some of the “Hip” little shops in the area, or go the big church at the corner that hogs up all the parking on Sundays.
I’ll see you at “Johnny’s!”

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Monte said...

i have a show coming up april 8th. & 9th. at "the lincoln lodge" 4008 n. lincoln ave. 9 p.m. r.s.v.p. 773-251-1539 "FREE" food at the end of every show!