Thursday, February 25, 2010

How I got started as a "Professional" eater. And yes, I am a professional.

Well I have a few explanations as to why/how I became the eating machine that I am today. Let's just get to it then, shall we?

1. Growing up my father was involved in things I am not at liberty to speak of... He was a man of the 60's & 70's let's say. As a kid he always kept snacks in the house. There wasn't a day I couldn't find twinkies, chocolate chip cookies, candy bars, etc. littered throughout the house. Everyday was like a freakin Easter hunt, I loved it. A candy bar in between the couch cushions, a soda hidden behind a bag of veggies, a hot dog wrapped in towel in the back of the oven, the list go's on & on. I mean there were times we had the electricity or the phone turned off, but we always had sweets lurking around. How could a child resist? I became a complete junk food junkie! Addicted to the daily consumption of multiple sweets & greasy food products.

2. I grew up in the "Hermosa Park" neighborhood, and there used to be this excellent ma & pa diner in the early 80's on Fullerton Ave., near Kostner called Mr. G's. It was owned by a couple of sweethearts, Mary & George. I used to meet my mom there almost every Friday when she got out of work for our "Friday Night Dinner Out Of The House." We only really ate out once a week due to financial reasons. But this was my favorite night of the week as a child, I used to get anxiety walking there to meet her.

I couldn't wait to go meet my mom, she'd let me order anything I wanted off of the menu, and I did. I would order what I considered to be "Grown Up" meals, which was the dinner special. The dinner special was always something different form either baked ham with scalloped potatoes and fresh veggies, with white bread & butter, to pot roast with mashed potatoes and fresh veggies, with white bread & butter or the "Friday Fish Fry" during lent, which was fried fish with mashed potatoes, fresh veggies and white bread & butter.

We became so friendly with Mary & George that they offered mymother a running tab that she could pay off on Fridays. Can you believe it? A running tab at the best spot in the neighborhood!!! I went from going there once a week, to heading there straight from school almost everyday. I was in heaven. I just showed up on any day of the week now, and i got to order anything I wanted. I think that is where I really made the transition from being a slightly chubby cute kid, to a fat cute kid. I went from wearing "Garanimals" to shopping in the Sears "Husky" section in just months. And it didn't stop there....

3. My neighborhood went from being mostly European, to mostly Hispanic in just under 2 years. I now had lot's of Latino friends who's parents were cooking foods I have never really had to much of before. There was no tomato sauce and pork loin anymore, now there were enchiladas and mole sauces. Mole sauce, what the hell is that? A sauce made form chocolate? Are you freakin serious?!!! Where has this been my whole life? My Hispanic friends really opened my eyes to a whole new world of spices and flavors. I was curious for more, but I had no outlet. Not until...

4. I got my drivers license when I was 17, and that was it, I was a free bird. Gone. Sionara suckers! I wouldn't get home most nights till 3,4 in the morning. I went everywhere and anywhere. Now I was eating out All The Time! I didn't eat a single meal at home for years. I was always out on the road, but I was unemployed. I was living off of a weekly allowance of $20. I'd take the trash out, straighten up a bit, whatever they told me to do. And I didn't really do most of it, I was spoiled, but I still got my allowance. It wasn't much, so I had to eat cheap, dine & ditch, or mouch off of my friends parents. I would look for places that offered food specials like "Huey's Hot Dogs" had 3 hot dogs & fries for $1.99. that's a meal, and a snack. Or just drop by a friends for some steak tacos, and beans, I always managed to make it work. I ate out all the time!

5. Keeping with the driving theme... professionally, I became a driver. I drove an advertising truck for doritos, a doctor who made house calls, and I drove/drive people for a medical transport company. And all I do is look for places that I have been lead to by there scent, which I have followed for several miles to get to or maybe the place has just that right look to me that says "yeah, our food's pretty darn good" and it usually is.

These are a few of the reasons I believe I am the glutton I am today.


SnappyShop.etsy said...

I love your Blog Monte! This story is great! Mole sauce is my favorite too!

Monte said...

awww thanks!!! love yer aprons!! especially the burger n fries, and the "what'll you have."