Monday, March 14, 2011

Bananas Foster Cafe has amzingly Monte-licious Pancakes!!! A must try.

Bananas Foster Cafe
in Chicago at 1147 West Granville Avenue has some of the best pancakes I have ever eatin in my life. They almost taste like funnel cake, but they're pancakes. So Freakin Monte-licious!

This is truly the spot to bring someone for breakfast if yer trying to make love to em and tryin to impress em. This place is also perfect the next morning, if you still like the person you woke up next to. It's also great to take ma & pa for a special treat.

You just need to go here and have the pancakes!

Also get Bubble & Squeak, mashed potatoes with peas and brussel sprouts in em and fried up like a burger. So good! Also try the in house made hollandaise sauce, again, Monte-licious! Omg!! I almost forgot, get the Bananas foster for christ sake!!!

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Anonymous said...

wish i could've made it! i was working. boo!